Why You Don’t Need Saul Goodman To Get Great Video Marketing For Lawyers

Why You Don't Need Saul Goodman To Get Great Video Marketing For Lawyers 2

Ben Thomson* Video marketing for lawyers continues as a mainstay for great law firm marketing and its popularity is growing.

Research by Passle, a marketing platform for professional services firms, shows that 144 of the top 200 firms used the video platform. US personal injury firm Morgan & Morgan was the most popular, registering more than eight million views. Jones Day, which came second, registered 265,884 views. 

The Video Marketing Statistics Tell The Story


Video content creation is a proven success across multiple professions and industries.

In 2021, research provided some interesting stats, including – 

  • Marketers using video can grow their revenue potential almost 50 per cent faster than those who do not do so
  • 96 per cent of those using video had used video for an explanation video while 84 per cent said video had convinced them to use a service or buy a product by watching a video
  • Over 90 per cent of marketers regard the use of video as a key part of their marketing strategy, continuing its rapid growth.
Adam Elgar, co-founder of Passle, said: ‘People buy expertise but they also buy people. The savvy use of social media to share insights about both the law and the firm is a great way to sell yourself to potential clients, and it need not be a time-consuming exercise.’

According to research, almost 90 per cent of marketing professionals use video for marketing – and lawyers are catching on quickly.

Why Video Marketing for Lawyers?

The easiest video marketing question to answer.

With over one billion hours of YouTube video, the growth of the market is such that it is a law marketing opportunity that cannot be ignored.

Statistics from Statista show that in the United States alone 85 per cent of all internet users watched video content months.

The major group is, not unexpectedly, the younger age group (24-34 year olds) and adult males spend 40 per cent more time watching than females.

Video certainly extends to marketing for brands, including lawyers.  A Hubspot survey showed that 54 per cent of consumers want to see more video from a brand or business.

But what about lawyers?  What do the figures state about their use of video?

A recent video marketing report showed the following compelling statistics for lawyers using video marketing – 

  • Over 33 per cent of law firm clients start looking for a lawyer online.
  • Almost 96 per cvent of people seeking legal advice begin their search online.
  • Law firms using video invariably report a major jump in traffic to their websit


What Sort of Video?

Video comes in many sizes and shapes, to use a clothing analogy.  There are different types that may or may not work for your firm but you should look carefully at what and how you can use video to ‘sell your firm’ in the most effective way.

And that does not mean just using Saul Goldsmith-style ranting.  It means, for instance, providing interviews, backgrounds, information about legal changes and more.

Explainer videos are ideal for lawyers where they can explain new developments in law and how to understand or interpret changes occurring in any area of law – new or old.

According to Wyzowl, the most common videos created are –  

  1. Explainer videos – 72 per cent
  2. Presentation videos – 49 per cent
  3. Testimonial videos – 48 per cent
  4. Sales videos – 42 per cent
  5. Video ads – 42 per cent

These are the sort of videos that create huge uptake if they answer questions that clients (and potential clients) want the answers to.

Putting them into practice is not difficult – nor are the technical requirements to provide a quality video that can be uploaded to your law firm channel

There are other video types too, of course, such as video blogs (vlogs), video interviews, tutorials, reviews, live streams, testimonials, introductory or other service-related videos.

The list of videos and their types is substantial, providing major opportunities for smart law marketers to get into the video marketing arena via any one of many access points.

What Makes A Good Law Firm Video


A number of factors make a good video for a law firm, but determining what will depend upon what the purpose of the video is (as above).  That is, are you making something promotional?  Educational? 

For lawyers, the educational or explainer video is a great way to market via authority and knowledge.  ‘How to’ videos haver about four times the audience of other videos on YouTube and for lawyers that provides fertile ground for their marketing efforts.

Once decided, the key to grabbing the attention of the audience is to provide relevant content.

Mostly, law firm videos that work are those that provide quality content in an easy-to-digest manner.  Some will do so entertainingly, others simply directly, but either way the key is to make the content engaging and relevant.

Provide value to the audience.  That means you need to know your audience and plan what you want to convey – and how you want to convey it.

A good idea is to focus on specific questions or issues.

If you’re trying to create a market for yourself as an expert in a specific geographic and professional area, then do so convincingly and with your strong focus on your audience.

Remember that a massive number of people will search via YouTube to find the ‘right’ lawyer.  Even if they are searching Google, YouTube’s owners, the use of a good video will help attract good legal ranking for your firm.  A quality, relevant video is the icing on the promotional cake.

Good Law Firm Videos Get To The Point Fast


Research shows that consumers have an increasingly short attention span.  You literally have seconds to grab their attention and so you need to make a video that –

Either entertains or shocks (same thing, often) enough to retain interest, or

Make a pertinent point that is relevant to the enquiry being made by the viewer.

Either way, you need to know what you’re doing in terms not of being a stellar video producer, but in terms of delivering something that will work for the video you’re producing.

If, for instance, you are making a promotional video for your firm then do so by pointing out your point(s) of difference, your culture, your resounding list of happy clients or whatever . . fast.

And similarly, if you’re making an explainer video then focus on the issue at hand without digressing.

And example of a good explainer video is the immigration video below from immigration firm Ashoori Law dealing with specific issues about immigration interviews waived during the Covid pandemic – 

Videos like this are ideal for lawyers because it provides an opportunity to kill a couple of birds with one video-thrown stone.  You demonstrate your knowledge (read: ‘authority’) on a particular topic, while also creating trust and knowledge about your firm – who you are, what you do, where you are.

They are a terrific form of inverse marketing – not blowing trumpets, but providing valuable information on a topic about which you have specialist knowledge and thereby creating a valuable marketing opportunity.

Such opportunities abound for lawyers.

4 Tips For Creating Standout Marketing Videos for Your Law Firm

Creating impressive video content is no longer an art reserved only for video marketing professionals.  There are now video makers and editing tools that can create top videos at modest cost.

Here are 3 key tips to creating great videos – 

Do Good Keyword Research

It’s all part of knowing your market.  Doing some keyword research focused on your subject area will help you prepare your script for the video and create focused, relevant content.

We have written about how to go about keyword research for your law firm, so make sure you also do some basic searches in Google and see what Google – and YouTube – suggest as terms that are relevant to related terms around your subject matter.

Build the terms into your script and don’t make it seem unnatural or forced.  Just be aware of what they are so you can ensure they’re part of the video ‘mix’.

Optimize Your Video

There are a number of tools that will let you optimize your video for maximum impact on YouTube.

For instance,  there is a free Google Chrome extension called Tube Buddy that lets you check the tags used on competitors’ videos.  You can go to the competitive videos and check the tags and lift your chances of outranking it on YouTube.

YT Cockpit is another great tool that will provide keywords used in other videos. You can use it to also see what your competitors are doing and how they are using keywords to create their videos.  

Add Captions To You Video

Viewers will tend to watch social media often without sound and the vast majority of Facebook social media videos is watched with the sound switched off.  You need to ensure that you are ‘capturing with captions’ so ensure you have captions included when you upload your video.

Optimize for Social Media

It is important to ensure your video is shared across the all-important social media channels.

YouTube is a killer channel, no doubt, but there are many others that you need to use including the top ones of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, who have their own video hosting rules and practices.

There is plenty you can learn about the rules for optimizing for social media but just remember that creating your video is the first important step towards accomplishing a great law marketing tool – but spreading the word about your firm means more work by distributing your video right across social media.

There is plenty of online information about video optimization and how to go about creating a quality video, such as this post from HubSpot.

Go check the resources once you have a clear idea of the type of video you want to create – examples of which we’ve provided below.

4 Types of Videos Your Law Firm Can Create


4 types of content that work especially well for law firms include:

  1. Firm introduction – Create a video showcasing your firm from the ground up: introduce the attorneys and other various employees, share your company’s background, mission statement etc.
  2. Attorney profiles – This is especially important for firms with multiple attorneys. Create videos introducing each attorney individually. The content should be a good balance between professional (why they got started in law, what types of cases they work on) and personal (where they’re from, as well as one or two personal, relevant anecdotes).
  3. Client video testimonials – Client testimonials build trust and create an emotional connection with the viewer. Reach out to past clients, requesting that they share their stories on video on behalf of your firm (the more compelling the story, the better). They should share a bit of their background, details of their legal journey and how your firm changed their lives for the better and fought on their behalf.
  4. Frequently asked questions – Create a video addressing FAQs that your firm receives often (power tip: this is a great section to have on your firm’s website as well).


8 Standout Law Firm Marketing Videos 


Let’s look at some video marketing success stories, conveying what they need to to promote your firm, ranging from recruitment marketing, firm marketing and helpful, explanatory videos adding authority by explaining legal changes.

1. Jones Days’ Law Recruitment Video


There can be a certain sameness to law recruitment videos, but Jones Day have really focused on the key question that lawyers seeking to work at the firm would want to know – Why work there.  The lawyers discuss their firm experiences and why they joined, explaining the benefits and first year experiences.




2. Law Firm ‘About Us’ Video – Small Firm – Big Vision


Here’s a small Australian law firm that has been able to develop the culture and character of the firm and what motivates it in a way that generates personality and resonance for those watching a video that generates high views.  There is an authenticity that creates a strong impression


3. Legal Explainer – What’s Happening in Your Area of Expertise?


This video from attorney Moumita Rahman is from the ‘hot’ immigration area where law changes and engaged (potential) clients abound.  On this occasion, Moumita explains new plans from the Democrats for a “Plan B” after a Pathway to Citizenship provision was rejected.  Straight-to-the-point explainer.  

4. Law Firm Introductory – Why We Do What We Do


This South Carolina law firm did a great job through its storytelling and explaining how they started in the profession and what motivates them.  A useful and engaging approach to providing emotional resonance to the introduction to the firm.

5. The Gibson Firm: Good Messaging With ‘Heart’


Gibson firm’s video is well shot and creates a message with impact, bolstered by testimonials from clients that will work to create trust in what the law firm can do.  It also provides some human connection via the narrator so that you can bond and identify with him through a purely human touch to the story.


6. A Unique Big Law Take on Law Recruitment


This presentation displays the energy and creativity (and the audience) of a vlogger who has worked with the support of Linklaters to create a video about working for the firm.  Instant appeal and engagement through the use of someone using the video tool and in the right demographic.

7. The Tough Guy Personal Injury Lawyer Piece


This video from Nussbaum Law has high production values as it focuses on the principal who explains his passion for his work and his background, bringing in the tough attorney combined with the humanity of doing something better for his clients.


8. Porter Wright – Passion Project Success


Here is a law firm video (the latest in their series on this event) that has moved away from the issue of ‘the law’ as such by taking an entirely different approach, looking at the firm’s lawyer competing in a bike race raising money for cancer.  With strong emotional impact (always a powerful approach in any marketing) the video creates a strong bond with the lawyers through their sheer humanity.



Finally, you should also make sure you measure your results so you know how you’re going with your video marketing and how you can improve or add additional, valuable videos from a marketing viewpoint.

The number of views is certainly a good metric to watch, obviously.  But viewing is not everything as you are really looking at the leads your video can generate.  After all, one quality new client can make your video efforts very well worth while.  A single valuable client can make your law firm video marketing efforts the holy grail of marketing.  For many lawyers, it already is.



 Author Bio:

Why You Don't Need Saul Goodman To Get Great Video Marketing For Lawyers 3

Ben Thomson writes on legal marketing and related matters for LawFuel and other publications related to law SEO, content marketing and related matters.He may be contacted at [email protected]

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