Want to Change Your Google Business Account to Personal? Try This . . .

Want to Change Your Google Business Account to Personal? Try This . . . 2

Laura Butler*  Setting up your Google Business Account is simple enough and there are plenty of indications of how to do so.

Once it is set up, some wish to change their business account to a personal account.

The Google Business Account involves setting up a Google business profile, including setting up your business hours, health and safety situation, photos and other information that will let you communicate with customers or clients.

The Google Business Account was formerly called Google My Business and is specifically designed to convert those searchers using Google Maps or Search to become customers or clients.

The focus is on converting those Google service users into Google-sourced customers and clients. Specifically it is focused on converting people who are searching for customers or clients of a particular business (from crash repairs to lawyers) and create a new source of business for your business or professional service firm.

The business account provides your ‘business profile’ (rather than a personal profile) and therefore is markedly different from a personal Google account to that extent, but it is an important way to build your business SEO.

It permits you to display the way your business will appear on Google Search, Google Maps and it will of course let you update details about your products and services.

You can reach your profile details from Maps or Search by searching for ‘my business’ as well as by singing in to your Google My Business website.

The key feature is that it lets you lift your business profile online and it complements your existing website.

Google my Business is a dashboard for your business and lets you see different kinds of information that relates to how your business is found on Google. Google+ is a social network, that allows you to more closely connect with your visitors online.

The Google My Business Account is different from a personal Gmail account for instance, but you can use your Profile Page to also use your Gmail email.

It is, therefore, a key business asset to lift your business name, domain name (if they are different which is often the case) and permits details of your email address, business phone number, type of business and other information to be displayed online.

Google My Business will be an increasingly important part of Google services that will permit potential customers or clients to connect to you through different devices and is a major benefit for small businesses, or large.

Google do everything they can to ensure that you use the free business listing provide via the google business account, going to far as to provide a Google marketing kit that lets you promote your business and services.

Want to Change Your Google Business Account to Personal? Try This . . . 3Update Your Google Profile

You can update the business profile you have using Google Search and Google Maps, after you sign into your account and have verified your business.

For Maps you need to tap the profile picture at the top right corner and select the ‘Your Business Profile’ to see the tools you can use.

Google Maps has specific requirements for the local business listings and a mailing address for the business is required, even if you do not necessarily want to display an address on the Google Maps listing. Google want to be certain of the existence of the business and with details as to the area where the listing will appear.

For Search, you look up your business by the name or search ‘my business’ and then update your profile.

For instance, you can customize the email address you use (click on settings on the top corner and customize the elements like your email, theme, profile picture and your email signature.

Steps to Move Your Google Business Account to Personal or Delete

There are various steps you can take to handle a Google Business Account that you want to make ‘personal’.

First, you can migrate the data to your new, personal account.

But as this is a ‘business’ account you cannot technically change it to a personal account for the obvious reason that you are changing the account to something that it is not designed to do.

However, keep in mind that a ‘business’ can and frequently does involve a partnership, sole trader and other entities. If you wish to make the change from the business profile you have then you need to edit your business profile and save each change that you make.

The account details, including the account settings, the work emails or personal email you use and of course the business email address you have, need to be changed to reflect your desired gmail account.

The changes, as with any change to a business address or business profile change, will need to be saved and may also need to be verified by Google.

If the change is rejected there is little you can do if you are changing from business to personal. But if you make changes to remove the business details on the account you may well be able to wind up with what is effectively a personal Google ‘business account.’

These changes are similar to other alterations or the deletion of your account. Keep in mind that Google want accurate information disclosed and the account type you have should be accurate also.

Nonetheless, there are occasions when some seek to make significant changes to the Google business accounts and the best you can do is seek to do so as accurately as possible, complying with Google’s free business profile information. Otherwise a new Google account is the best way forward.

If you wish to delete the account you can do so by going to the business profile and select the three dot menu and then select the business profile and the option to delete.

Go to your Google My Business and open the location (if there are several) that you want to change. If you want to add a user to the account you can then add the user, by entering the name and email address.

If you wish to move the Google Business account to another client, you want to make sure you own it (rather than an SEO agency etc).

You can manage permissions in the Google Business account. If you are just a ‘manager’ you cannot change business information, whereas an ‘owner’ can change the business details and make those changes.

By making those changes you can move your Google Business to another personal business account.


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