Wellington, November 9 (JY&A Media) Fashion magazine Lucire launched…

Wellington, November 9 (JY&A Media) Fashion magazine Lucire launched a well targeted poster campaign in Auckland and Wellington Monday, and announced that its Australian sales would begin this month.

The poster campaign stresses Lucire’s New Zealand-owned status and its roots, with a headline, ‘A fashion magazine owned by Kiwis. (That’s rarer than you think.)’

Alternative posters made reference to The Lord of the Rings and the recent departure of Paul Holmes from TV One, but both were considered too topical and were not released.

The “Holmes” poster read, ‘Kiwi-made. And made to stay that way. (Then, we’re not on at 7 p.m.)’

Early sales figures show that Lucire is selling well in bookstores and magazine shops, but many expressed surprise that it was New Zealand-owned. The campaign is designed to address that.

‘We found that many buyers thought we were a foreign title,’ said Lucire publisher Jack Yan. ‘One of the most frequent compliments we received is that Lucire looked “European”.

‘As in yachting, as in films, and as in typeface design, we’re showing that New Zealand can produce world-class magazines.’

The schedule for the December 2004–January 2005 issue announced by Lucire last month allows the magazine to bring its Australian and New Zealand sales closer in line. The Australian sales are, initially, in Sydney and Melbourne, expanding to the Brisbane metropolitan area later.

Mr Yan remains confident about Lucire’s American print prospects and nearly 1,000 copies of the première issue have made their way there. Special copies appeared as part of the sponsorship of design label Indashio at Los Angeles Fashion Week, following on from placements with IPG, Helen Talbot and Mild Red at Air New Zealand Fashion Week.

Since its founding in 1997, Lucire’s web site has attracted predominantly American readers. Five per cent of its web edition’s readers hail from New Zealand, giving Kiwis the highest per capita readership.

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About Lucire
Lucire, the global fashion magazine, is one of the world’s leading fashion titles online. Founded in 1997, it covers fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle, with a global perspective for today’s woman. It is known for providing in-depth, quality journalism. The magazine is targeted at the woman who is tired of the offerings from established fashion players, and chooses to be herself. Lucire is available at .

In 2003, Lucire received a Webby Award nomination—the only New Zealand site to do so that year—and became the first fashion industry partner of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP, ). It was Official Internet Partner of L’Oréal New Zealand Fashion Week for 2002–3, and a media sponsor of the inaugural San Francisco Fashion Week and Official Media Partner of Stockholm FashionDays for 2004–5. A print edition launched in the New Zealand market in October 2004.

According to Alexa, Lucire is one of the top-ranked pure-play fashion titles in the world.

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