What Is The Largest Social Security Disability Law Firm?

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Social security disability and the benefits that are obtainable from social security have become something of growing interest in the media and elsewhere.

There are multiple resources available and law firms that handle social security disability claims and all manner of issues relating to social security benefits.

But the area relating to social security disability cases is often confusing.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a massive US federal program designed to help those with disabilities. It is funded partly via worker contributions but to receive a benefit it is necessary to place an initial application and go through the application process, which frequently requires the assistance of a social security disability lawyer.

The Qualification for Social Security Disability –



Among the key criteria required to qualify for social security (and which your law firm or SSDI attorney will either help you prepare or check off for you) are –

  • That you earn enough work credits, which are based on annual wages and quarters of work. The latter changes each year and most earn up to 4 credits. To qualify for SSDI your SSI attorney will advise that you need 40 credits and at least 20 earned in the 10 years before disability in support of your claim.
  • Are \’disabled\’ under the standards set out by the Social Security Administration.

The best disability lawyers will be able to advise exactly how to go about making any claim for your SSDI benefits as there can be complications.

For instance, the number of qualifying credits can be reduced for workers who have not actually accumulated the 40 credits (as above).

Some people may be able to obtain financial assistance if they do not work, such as veterans, surviving spouses, disabled children, disabled individuals and others.

Legal advice will also indicate what is a \’disabling condition\’, as the SSA has a list of what amounts to qualifying disability such as cerebral palsy, certain cancer conditions and others.

The SSA will determine whether it is a disability that qualifies and there can also be an appeals process relating to SSD benefits (or the denial of them) that can be proceeded with.

Legal Advice from Social Security Lawyers


When obtaining legal advice you clearly should seek it from an experienced social security disability lawyer as the claims process can be difficulty, particularly for those with a long-term disability or who are dealing with an area of social security disability law that is difficult.

It is necessary to provide the necessary medical evidence relating to the impairment and the severity of the impairment, but the actual amount of money involved and how to provide properly a list of medical conditions for an SSD claim is one that is ideally handled by a good legal team experienced in this area.

Legal Fees

Remember too that many social security disability lawyers will work on a contingency basis and they receive money only after you have won your claim.

Contingency fees applied under Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) cases must qualify under Social Security Administration (SSA) fee agreement guidelines before payment and your legal representation can only charge up to the maximum that is set by statute, so ensure your lawyer provides clarification on that point with a specific amount specified.

The Largest Disability Law Firm


Check the resources below for the largest disability law firm, but remember that the largest law firm in this area is not necessarily the best. When it comes to disability attorneys and ensuring you recover social security disability benefits, there are smaller firms who will provide top-rate services.

Among some of the largest social security disability law firms include the following, who include SSD attorneys with specialist or recognized expertise in the area –

Greenberg Traurig, a major law firm with more than 2500 attorneys in 43 locations in the United States, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East. 

Holland & Knight, the Miami-based law firm has 1700 attorneys across 29 offices in the US and 5 globally, specialising in over 200 practice areas including social security disability law.

Troutman Pepper, a firm with 23 offices across the US and employing around 1200 attorneys.

Kilpatrick Townsend – based in Georgia the firm has 650 attorneys across 19 offices.

Bradley Arant is based in Birmingham Alabama, but has eight offices and 500 attorneys, including SSD specialists.

Loeb & Loeb has 450 attorneys over eight US offices and also has specialist attorneys working in SSD law.

Social Security Law Group, based in Boston but with five other offices in the US and specialising in social security disability law.

There is an array of other, smaller SSD specialist law firms and attorneys and those seeking their expertise should make appropriate online and personal checks, a small selection of which include firms such as the following –

Ghitterman Ghitterman & Feld, California;

Binder & Binder, New York

Disability Law Group, Michigan

Cohen Feeley, Philadelphia

McChesney & McChesney, North and South Carolina

Klain & Associates, Chicago

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