When Bad Things Happen to Good People (When Attorneys are Needed)

When Bad Things Happen to Good People (When Attorneys are Needed) 1

Kate Morgan* – Life is full of surprises for most people. Some are good surprises, some are not so good, ranging from auto accidents to dog bites and everything in between, and some can completely catch anyone off guard, without proper protection or safety.

There are an infinite amount of scenarios in which people find themselves needing an attorney at some point, or many points, during their lifetime. Providing honest, capable, appropriate and knowledgeable services when these times do arise is what practicing law is about, for many.

The most common requirement for attorneys, such as putting a will together, handling a divorce, estate planning and reviewing contracts are all typical legal requirements.

However, the more dramatic occurrences like car accidents, dog bite accidents and other matters involving legal liability are those that require specific legal expertise

Dog owners may generally be responsible but knowing about the various liability issues for dog bite accidents are matters that require detailed knowledge from a ‘dog bite’ law expert. Dog bites that do cause damage and require medical attention can be a bit more serious in nature, as infection can occur if not treated properly.

The reasons are usually justified from the dog’s perspective, either in a protective manner or self-defense if provoked, but once bitten or attacked, the victim of any such attack or bite will seek legal redress, which can create some significant – and expensive – lessons.

 If a dog bit someone on your property, you may need to fight a lawsuit just as the converse applies if you were bitten by a dog on someone else’s property.

In many jurisdiction, this can be concerning and dangerous for the dog’s family, as the dog bite must be reported and thus the canine is put down. Finding an attorney that are experts in dog bite cases is helpful, as there are many factors to consider to navigate the case successfully. 

The Car Wreck Problem

Car wrecks can happen anytime, anywhere as we all know. Some happen by pure accident, others happen by negligence by at least one party involved as any attorney involved in car accident issues will readily attest.

In the US, there are over 5 million auto accident lawsuits annually, which demonstrates the almost everyday nature of this problem.

Speed and other factors relating to any auto accident are all factors that need to be addressed, usually in court. Frequently the details will be dealt with privately between the involved parties and by the insurance companies. When someone is injured, however, or has a stronger grievance toward the other party, attorneys get involved to work out a settlement.

Providing confident and experienced service and being somewhat of an expert in all of the many areas that come into play for these types of cases is important for clients. 

No matter how safe one tries to play it in life, there comes a time of needing an attorney. Some families retain attorneys just in case, or because there is always work to be done around a business or individuals’ affairs, but most people around the world only need an attorney for a single occasion. No matter their needs, trusting in an attorney takes all forms, as do the outcomes of the cases.

The need for an attorney who can handle the issues with which we are all confronted from time to time is something that will continue to ensure that clients are well informed on their consumer and legal rights and also have access to lawyers who can provide the best service possible.


*Kate Morgan writes on law issues involving consumer and personal law issues involving people and their consumer and legal rights.

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