When #MeToo Means #YouToo: What to do when you’re in the sexual harassment hot seat

sexual assault in law firmsDATE: Wednesday, May 02, 2018

TIME: 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Central Daylight Time

Your HostKrystle Dahl
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The #MeToo movement has many employers uncertain about the best ways to protect themselves from sexual harassment complaints and the right way to respond after a complaint has been made. This seminar will explore how our definitions of sexual harassment have evolved in the age of #MeToo and the misconceptions that have formed around this issue.

First, Rob Gilmore and Kirsten Mooney will clarify what the law says about sexual harassment as compared to public opinion of its definition. Then, they will delve into the new era of sexual harassment and what to do when your company receives a complaint. Today, simply creating new policies and instituting new training are not enough for a company to adequately prepare for sexual harassment claims. Plus, sexual harassment claims shouldn’t only be a concern with employees. Interactions with vendors, clients and subcontractors can also open up a company to potential liability.

This seminar will take participants beyond the discussion of policies and procedures to address specifically how employers should respond when a claim of sexual harassment is made. Rob Gilmore and Kirsten Mooney will offer concrete recommendations of the steps required to understand the situation and take appropriate action. They will also discuss ways that companies can create a workplace where employees feel comfortable bringing their concerns forward, allowing executives to address problems promptly before they escalate.

The #MeToo movement has challenged all companies to do more to prepare for and respond to sexual harassment claims. Participants will come away with actionable advice they can put to use to avoid the damage that such claims can create, not just in terms of liability but also in workplace culture, employee attraction and retention.

About the presenters

Rob Gilmore
Rob Gilmore Image

Rob Gilmore is chair of the Litigation Practice Group and the Labor and Employment Law Practice Group at Kohrman Jackson & Krantz. Rob counsels employers large and small in the full range of labor and employment matters, including workplace terminations, reductions in force, employee handbooks and policies, non-compete agreements, trade secrets, shareholder disputes, unfair labor practice allegations, union negotiations and general business litigation. He represents employers in state and federal courts, arbitration and before state and federal administrative agencies in defense of employment discrimination, wrongful discharge claims and in non-compete litigation. As a former assistant general counsel for Verizon Communications, Rob brings understanding of both sides of labor and employment disputes. He is a frequent speaker on labor and employment topics, and is a fellow of both The College of Labor and Employment Lawyers and the Litigation Counsel of America.

Kirsten Mooney
Kirsten Mooney ImageKirsten Mooney is an associate in the Litigation Practice Group at Kohrman Jackson & Krantz. Kirsten assists KJK attorneys in preparation for a wide variety of legal matters, providing support with drafting litigation documents, deposition preparation, and other client issues. She is also responsible for conducting substantive research into case law and statutory legislation both in Ohio and in states across the U.S. Much of her work at KJK focuses on labor and employment matters.
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