Which Are The Best Construction Law Firms? Here Are 9 Of The Best

Which Are The Best Construction Law Firms? Here Are 9 Of The Best 2

Identifying the ‘best construction law firms’ correctly means knowing about the sort of legal work that is available in the specific construction area of interest.

Construction law changes and construction projects are vast. So too are the number of construction law issues that arise, ranging from issues with general contractors to contract negotiations, alternative dispute resolution queries, office buildings, construction agreements, residential projects and so forth.

The various aspects of construction law will depend upon whether it is a full-service law firm or more a firm that has extensive experience in the area or areas of construction law of interest to you.

The nature of construction law can see issues that may be very specific, such as liens, or construction issues affection infrastructure projects, to personal injury or issues relating to complex projects and public-private partnerships.

Construction disputes, for instance, take many forms and a search of Best Law Firms will reveal a range of ‘tier one’ construction law firms that can handle anything from contract disputes to commercial litigation going to appellate courts and beyond.

Similarly, the American College of Construction Lawyers is a good source of information about top lawyers in just about any area of construction law.

It is, in short, a ‘horses for courses’ situation where you focus must be upon your specific area of interest (or concern).

Construction Litigation

Which Are The Best Construction Law Firms? Here Are 9 Of The Best 3

One of the obvious, important areas of construction law is litigation and seeking the best construction litigation practice.

Identifying the best construction law firms depends very much on what the client may be seeking – and their location, too. It is important to understand that construction law is a constantly changing situation with changes to regulations, laws and the various guidelines affecting construction and construction projects.

There are many construction law firms in the US. Are you looking for some advice regarding construction rules and regulations? Are you going to build a new house or office? Then this article is for you, suggesting you top construction law firms around you.

What Is The Law Of Construction?

The field of construction law addresses issues like house building, infrastructure, building permits, and engineering and development. Construction lawyers offer useful legal counsel to those working in the sector.

How Do Construction Law Firms Or Lawyers Work?

Developers and owners may benefit from the advice of construction lawyers.

When determining which construction method, such as layout, architecture, or inter-construction, is most appropriate for their project. Then, to assist the holder or developer choose a contracting company, construction lawyers might assist in creating demands for bids. If an offer can be revoked because of an error, a lawyer may be able to help. Construction law firms help you understand construction law and assist you with better construction contracts with other parties.

When situations don’t go as planned, construction law attorneys will assist in gathering proof and providing advice on its validity. This might entail guiding counsel and accompanying the client to court appearances.

List Of Top Construction Law Firms

Which Are The Best Construction Law Firms? Here Are 9 Of The Best 4

Keep in mind that the list below is not an exhaustive list of those law firms specializing in this area. However they are some of the top construction law experts and your own research in your own geographic and/or specialty area of law should be conducted to achieve the best possible outcome for your own case.

1.   Bradley Construction Law Firm

It is the top-ranked construction law firm of 2022 in the US and has some of the best construction attorneys in the construction law area. Construction Consulting Firm lawyers offer advice on projects across the United States, Mexico, Canada, and over 35 countries worldwide.

From beginning contract talks and bid planning to project near and conflict resolution, the company manages every facet of major construction projects.

Numerous Bradley construction attorneys have backgrounds in engineering, construction science, or architectural styles and prior building construction experience.

2.   Perkins Coie LLP

Perkins Coie is Seattle’s largest construction law firm. Perkins Coie has worked on major projects such as sporting venues and arenas and with small, oppressed, and tiny group businesses. Their experience ranges from pre-construction tasks to all construction stages, as well as construction litigation and payment disputes.

Many big legal firms, such as Perkins Coie, assist clients in a variety of construction-related areas, such as authorization and construction of large-scale projects, regional and national compliance management, citizens and personal water law, animals and threatened species law, open land and energy resource legislation, and nature preserves law.

3.   Armstrong Teasdale

Armstrong Teasdale has a proud heritage of advanced legal counsel and excellent service to a diverse global client base. The firm offers a wide variety of work in real estate, civil litigation and elsewhere.

They deal with issues, whether the problem is international or national, big or small. In 15 offices, the firm employs over 700 defence attorneys and staff experts. Their attorneys collaborate to help clients navigate practically every challenging task, from all day-to-day strategic activities through the most complicated legal issues.

4.   Norton Rose Fulbright LLP

Norton Rose Fulbright employs over 4,000 lawyers across the world and are also actively involved in construction law issues.

Norton Rose have construction and engineering law experts who handle a wide range of construction, building, infrastructure and other areas, providng a wide knowledge of the construction industry.

5.   Bean, Kinney & Korman, PC

Bean, Kinney & Korman has wide experience in its home territory in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC with experience across the entire construction process, as well as handling design-build, contractor, sub-contract and consultancy agreements and disputes. They are widely recognized for their expertise in construction law.

6.   BakerHostetler LLP

This legal firm has nearly 1,000 attorneys in 14 offices across the US and has worked on major construction law deals involving everything from commercial building developments to environmental and infrastructure projects. The firm has worked construction jobs since 1916.

They always find solutions for their clients and generate headlines within the construction law discipline.

BakerHostetler, a legal firm that has been around for over a century, has seen all of the advancements in the construction sector and the array of legal challenges it provides.

7.   ArentFox Schiff LLP

ArentFox Schiff LLP has a global leader in key sectors where organization and law intertwine. With over 650 attorneys and strategy experts on staff, the firm serves international customers of corporations, government agencies, individuals, and industry groups.

They have worked on construction projects of every type and boast of their ability to work on ‘multiparty transactions’ including dispute issues, project development and sustainability, saying they are a destination firm for companies in the construction industry.

They devote the required time, assets, and innovative thinking to serving their client’s long-term interests.

8.   Peckar & Abramson

Peckar & Abramson has significant construction law expertise and has provided advice on major projects and smaller deals in this sector for four decades.

Peckar & Abramson has managed to help countless clients in a wide range of construction aspects of the law. Given all of the good reactions from people in the legal industry, it’s always comforting to know you’re collaborating only with the best.

9.   Alston & Bird LLP

The group has over 400 attorneys in the top 16 stories of their office in downtown Atlanta and have worked on a raft of major and minor construction projects ranging from prison construction to multi-party construction arrangements, financially troubled real estate projects, infrastructure and other projects. 

They have had several successful client developments in their history. It is a firm that keeps looking to the years ahead of construction law with all of its components.

Construction Work

The ongoing major deals involving construction are massive and involve the largest law firms in the country, but never overlook specialist smaller law firms that handle smaller building and construction projects, including financing and dispute resolution issues with great effect.

Checking the best law firms in this sector also involves good word-of-mouth and Bar Association checks to see who might be recommended, along with the directories that provide key advice and listings of top construction law firms.

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