Why Ron Paul’s Cool With The Youth And Takes Their Vote

LawFuel – Republican candidate Ron Paul, the feisty libertarian candidates who has scored big on social network sites, has resonated with the youth of the country because of one word: freedom.

“Guess what I offer them? Freedom: Freedom to live their lives as they choose, freedom to spend their money as they choose and freedom to get out from under the heavy hand of government.”

Ron Paul spoke at the forum Saturday night, MTV/MySpace’s “Closing Arguments: A Presidential Super Dialogue.”

Paul said the Republicans deserved to be punished for the undeclared war in Iraq and for running record deficits.

But why did he want to be president. “I want to be president [not] because I want to run your life, I don’t even know how to run your life. … Likewise, I don’t want to run the economy … What I want to restore is freedom and a sound currency.”

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