Will Bhutto Assissination Help Ron Paul Campaign?

Press Release: Will the Pakistan Chaos Help Elect Ron
Paul As President?

Two weeks ago, I outlined 5 possible scenarios that
could severely impact public opinion in the US and
help Ron Paul win the GOP nomination. With the Bhutto
assassination a few minutes ago, 4 of the 5 scenarios
are currently unfolding before the American public.

The likely scenarios:

A Collapse of Nuclear Armed Pakistan & the Musharraf
Dictatorship – Ongoing
Turkish Invasion of Kurdish Iraq & Control of Oil
Reserves – Ongoing
The Federal Reserve Easy Money Credit Crisis – Ongoing
A Possible American Dollar Collapse – Ongoing
A Bush Strike Against Iran & Resulting Oil Shock To
the World Economy – On Hold

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or on numerous other websites and decide for yourself
if this is possible. Feel free to post or forward the

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