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LawFuel Blogs – John Bowie – Briefcase Blog – What will they do to Vince Siemer? After being imprisoned, fined, held in contempt, sued and bankrupted Siemer’s protagonist Michael Stiassny and the judicial system must want nothing better than to wash their hands of the American litigant once and for all. Before Christmas, Cooper J handed him a $900,000 defamation verdict, the largest in New Zealand history. Siemer’s appealed the verdict, as one might imagine he would given that he was denied the ability to call evidence to establish whether his various pronouncements about Stiassny were true or based at least on a reasonably held belief that they were true. So what now? Can Stiassny’s QC, the redoubtable Julian Miles, petition President Obama to reopen Gitmo for the agitator Siemer?

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