Wine Club Introduces Their All New 2010 Holiday Wine Club Gift Guide

The Wine Club Directory introduced their all new 2010 wine club gift guide today to show holiday shoppers how easy and affordable it is to give the gift of a wine club membership this holiday season.

“Giving the gift of a wine club membership is by far the most memorable gift there is,” said the owner of the Wine Club Directory. “Every month the receiver of your gift is reminded of your generosity and exquisite taste. There simply is no better gift this holiday season than a wine club membership.”

Contrary to popular belief, giving the gift of a wine club membership is not just for the wealthy with lots of disposable income. In fact, some of the most popular wine clubs listed in the Wine Club Directory, such as the Wall Street Journal Wine Club and the 4 Seasons Wine Club, offer introductory offers as low as $5.83 a bottle of wine.

The Wine Club Directory’s wine club gift guide makes finding the perfect wine club quick and easy for online shoppers by categorizing wine clubs by price (from $5.83 a bottle to $74.97 a bottle), frequency (monthly or quarterly), wine type (red wine, white wine, etc.), region (California wine club, International wine clubs, etc.) and quality.

With over 50 different wine clubs reviewed and listed in the Wine Club Directory, it’s never been easier for wine club shoppers to find just the right wine club for themselves, their friends and their family members.
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About the Wine Clubs Directory The Wine Club Directory is a family run website that has been reviewing wine clubs since 2000. Run by a wine loving family with over 30 years of wine club receiving experience, the Wine Club Directory aims to help as many wine club shoppers as possible by explaining the good, the bad and the ugly on every wine club they try. Learn more at

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