7 Incredible Facts About Women-Owned Businesses

women owned businesses


There was a time when law firms were mostly dominated by men. Women were there mostly as assistants. They were not empowered enough to take on major roles. However, things have changed. Not only is there an increase in the number of female lawyers, a lot of them have become partners or even owners of certain firms.

It only means that women have come a long way when it comes to promoting gender equality. They have proven that anything men can do, women can also do, or even better. Even in other areas of business, women have proven that they can take leadership positions. You will be in awe with the increase of women-owned businesses.

Despite the changes in society, it does not mean the fight is over. Women still have a lot of battles to fIght. They still suffer from income inequality. In many countries, women do not even enjoy paid maternity leave.

The good thing is that there are now a lot of women on the front lines who will keep on promoting women’s rights. We have also elected a lot of women to the government. There are stronger forces now to fight for equality.

Hopefully, we will keep moving forward when it comes to promoting women’s rights. We should look up to women who have fought their own battles and have succeeded in their chosen field.

To be inspired more by women who have taken an active role in the society, check the infographic below. It is amazing to see how much progress has been done when it comes to the role of women in business.

7 Incredible Facts About Women Owned Businesses


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