Wow! I’ll Take a Dog Bite Any Day!


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Wow! I’ll Take a Dog Bite Any Day!
By Michael Ehline

It was his first week on his new job but that was his conclusion. The young man was learning all about how to read meters for the local power company. He was with an older man that was showing him the ropes and teaching him the route before he was to be sent out alone. Little did he know that his mentor had a surprise for him that day.

It was a good route, one that was in the suburbs of the Hollywood Hills. There were many large estates in the area. The elder meter reader loved practical jokes and one customer in particular, loved to be his partner in them. It was a custom of theirs to “break in the new guy” and they had the perfect way to do it.

The Meter Reader

As they drove up to the next mansion, the elder meter reader told the young one to go around the back to read the meter. Just as the young man turned the corner of the house, looking for the meter, he heard a low growl and the rattle of a chain. Thinking there was a large dog in the yard he cautiously looked around for it. He did not see a dog. He saw a huge male lion at the end of the chain, head up and ears forward.

Lions for Pets

The lion was looking at him like he was curiously looking at him, and that chain looked pretty short. He had heard that some people had lions for pets in Hollywood but never thought he’d run into one. He backed out slowly, hoping the chain was short and then turned to run to the front. The lion turned out to be toothless and declawed but he told the two laughing jokesters, “Wow, I’ll take a dog any day!”

Dogs are Common

Lions are rarely seen in yards, but dogs are common. Many homeowners have dogs for protection and they do a good job. Dog bites are common and happen almost every day in Orange County and it’s many cities. The pain and suffering caused by dog bites can be excruciating. Dogs seem to be naturally protective and territorial and they do bite on occasion. If you have stumbled into their yard and are bitten, you may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering. Contacting and experienced Dog Bite lawyer should be your first step in taking your case to court.

Hiring Seasoned Counsel

If you have suffered a dog bite attack and need a skilled Los Angeles dog bite lawyer, there are many throughout So.Cal. and they can be located for effects of bites like lacerations, puncture wounds, scratches, bleeding out, scars and the like. It is suggested that you keep up on the latest news to learn more about dealing with and preventing attacks by getting hold of Ehline Law at 213-596-9642.

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