Sends Writers to Live Shakespeare Performances to Enhance Writing will be sending writers to see Shakespeare in all the ways his plays are interpreted today. The experience of seeing his work realized will inform and amplify their understanding of his work, their writing, and their use of language. This will be further enriched by professional lectures on the history of drama.

Shakespeare is the quintessential ‘classic’, and we are asked to help with assignments about the Bard of Avon regularly. Of course our writers are eminently familiar with the plays as literature. However, when management had a chance to see a live performance of Cymbeline, they realized how much is added when Shakespeare is seen in performance. will now make sure that our writers know them as living theatre by subsidizing tickets to any and every Shakespeare incarnation, whether as theatre, opera, ballet, or parody. There is always some production his work being staged. Whether they find Prokofiev’s brooding ballet of Romeo and Juliet, or Verdi’s operatic Macbeth, or a student production: all will count, and all will get free tickets. As supplement, has invited several specialists to present seminars on the principles and development of drama, from ancient Greece to the most contemporary works. This cannot help but augment our writers’ resources.

We have sponsored specialized literature studies before at, and you can learn more about them at our website, You can also review samples of our writers’ work on literature.

About Us: has been assembling and developing an expert team of writers and editors for a number of years now. These professionals can assist our customers with any of the varied writing challenges with which they struggle.

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