The 10 Things That Still Make the Difference to Your Career After All These Years

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We liked the point made in an article on Mashable by Alexandra Levit where she outlined the 10 pieces of career advice that remain as true today as they were in 1996.

Levit points out that personal relationships, even in an age of major social media networks, are still as important as ever in terms of developing a good job.

Having the right attitude is a case in point:

Losing your cool at work has always been frowned upon, and despite claims of a kinder, gentler 21st century workplace, it still is. And now, the stakes are higher because your epic in-office rant won’t just be a legend passed down from employee to employee. Instead, it could be taped on a phone and broadcast on social media for perpetuity.

But so too are some of the other major lessons from a decade ago, such as dress sense (follow the ‘executive level’ dress sense), remaining humble and doing the simple jobs that you might otherwise feel are beneath you, and importantly ensuring that you are communicating your work effectively so that the ‘lean team’ know what you’re doing.

And respecting time, is another to be aware of.

Back in the day, we arrived exactly on time for interviews. We asked politely for networking conversations and check-in meetings with our bosses that fit into a half hour slot in the day planner.

When we thought people were busy then – filing paperwork, sending faxes, and leaving voicemails – we had no idea what we were in for. In 2016, people are so overscheduled and frazzled that they take their iPhones to the bathroom. If you make them wait, they might just lose it.

Source: Mashable

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