3 Tips On How To Bring In New Clients To Your Law Practice

3 Tips On How To Bring In New Clients To Your Law Practice 2


Law practices rarely fail because they lack clients. Most fail because of bad business practices. Today’s market of hyper-competitive legal services requires law firms to be dedicated to doing the best they can for their clients.

You have to find a way to differentiate yourself and your firm so that potential clients choose you over your competitors. Here are 3 things your firm should be doing to market its legal services.

Create A Leads Multiplier Strategy

Most lawyers will market their services by mentioning their name, their legacy and their specialization. However, the hard truth is that your potential clients do not really care about you. They only care about their own legal problems.

When you focus on the client’s predicament, an amazing thing happens. Not only do you turn more prospects to clients, but you also generate as many as five to 20 times more clients than the market usually does.

This is called the leads multiplier strategy.

To get it to work for you, create a list of law areas you practice; for example, family law or how to sell your mortgage note | selling a note fast & easy. Next, create a marketing campaign for each of these law areas, and then list down all the problems you will solve. And, just like that, one area of law can become much more powerful than before.

This single area of law brings in clients from different angles which focus on people’s problems instead of just one angle. Now imagine when you apply this strategy to every area of law you practice.

You will have a system that brings in five to 20 more clients for every area.

Find The Perfect Prospective Client

Now that you have a highly effective problem first approach that brings in more clients, you need to find individuals experiencing the problem. Luckily, people go to one place for answers on pressing problems they are facing – Google.

If you have never used Google ads before, then you have missed an opportunity of growing your firm.

Imagine a client who got a DUI, the first thing they would do is go to Google and look for a solution for the problem they have. Your prospective client will likely to find results by looking for someone who can help with their DUI instead of typing a name of an attorney.

3 Tips On How To Bring In New Clients To Your Law Practice 3

So, if you include the words DUI attorney in your Google ad, your prospective clients will immediately see you as the answer to their problem. With a good ad copy and by focusing on the problem first approach, you are likely to get more hits on your website and more phone calls.

Keep Your Website Current

Doing the above requires that you have one important tool – a website. An out of date website simply tells your prospects that your firm is no longer in business or that it’s out of date. Ensure that you constantly add fresh content and that your website works across all types of mobile devices.

In addition, make sure your attorney online bios are always up to date with professional photos that link back to your website, LinkedIn and other platforms. Nevertheless, the most important thing is that you provide your clients with the best value, beyond what they pay you for and they will keep coming back!

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