4 Ways to Find the “Key” To Social Media Success

4 Ways to Find the "Key" To Social Media Success

Planet Depos – If you’re a millennial social media junkie like me, chances are you’ve seen the DJ Khaled ‘Major Key’ campaign. It’s been going on for a little while now, but it’s still a conversation in the social world.  If you’re unfamiliar, you can find a short recap here.

While DJ Khaled’s approach to social media success has clearly worked for him, there are a few gems or, in this case, keys of wisdom we can all take from his campaign. Whether you’re looking for help with your personal or business brand, here are some keys to making the most of your social media presence.

Key #1: Talk, but listen more.

social-media-law-firmsConverse with your audience. Engage with them. Share ideas! Social media can’t be one sided. In our industry, social media is a great vehicle for education and spreading the word about our profession.

Connect with your audience by starting conversations that are relevant to their lives and especially to their jobs. It’s also a great way to take “physical” queues such as likes, comments, and shares to see what your audience is really interested in and wanting more of.

Key #2: Imagine your brand as a person.

law firm branding via lawfuelMost companies use social media to get to know their audience on a personal level. On the same note, businesses use social media to personify their brand and build relationships with people.

Don’t be a “stuffy” (unless you want to be perceived as that).

Make everything you post relatable and understandable as if you’re talking to a friend.

Key #3:  Know your brand.

social media and lawyers - should they mix?Consistency is key. Your LinkedIn language should match your Facebook language, as should your website, Twitter, YouTube…everything! Oreo has been rocking seamless integration among all of their social platforms for quite some time.

Being in the court reporting field, we place high importance on this. Accuracy is a major factor when it comes to court reporting, so our brand should match with careful grammar and accurate information.

We don’t want our Facebook page to say one thing and our website contradict it.

Key #4: Find your purpose.

social-media-crisisYour use of social media has the potential to make good things happen. At Planet Depos, “We Make It Happen.”

Our social media accounts reflect this mission. Whether we are posting blogs on taking depositions in foreign lands, or informing our audience about our newest endeavors, every post will echo that purpose.

Following these simple, yet effective steps, will help keep your social media game “on fleek” (as the kids say).


Brittany Davies

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