45= Olivia Wensley

45= Olivia Wensley

New Entrant

The former #Metoo activist and lawyer recently stood for Queenstown mayoralty but her vocal criticism of the Law Society’s handling of the Russell McVeagh scandal involving the sexual assault of interns during the 2015/2017 period and sexual harassment cases generally has helped generate greater awareness of the issue within the profession.

She met with then Justice Minister Andrew Little regarding sexual harassment issues within the legal profession and her ability to generate profile and articulate issues has seen her gain traction as a significant influencer in the areas of diversity, innovation and justice.

She came third in the Queenstown mayoral race with a significant following and a further boost to her profile, assisted by powerful backing by such supporters as Xero founder Rod Drury and others.

Unafraid to speak out about issues that matter, she retains a strong interest in pushing for diversity in governance, including local authorities, the legal profession and anywhere else.

She stood aside from her role promoting startup and innovation businesses for the Queenstown region while running for Mayor. She worked for Startup Queenstown since 2020 and has previously worked as a lawyer in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore as well as being a 2019 nominee for New Zealander of the Year.

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