5 Last Minute Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Lawyers

5 Last Minute Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Lawyers 2

5 Last Minute Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Lawyers 3Looking for a last minute Valentine’s Day gift for a lawyer?



Okay, will what about if your ARE looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for the lawyer in your life?

Consider these suggestions

1.The Card

There’s that terrific standby – the card with a legal reasoning backing it up, such as the Georgetown University Law Weekly published these free, printable Valentine’s cards featuring such gems as Justice Ginsburg saying, “You violated the 5th Amendment when you took my heart without due process.” It doesn’t get better than that.

2. Ever-Ready Leather Case

The attache case or notebook-holder, leather of course. Lawyers love to carry their stuff about in good quality leather gear. Some even dress in the same, but the cases are a must-have, love-to-have for most of them.

3. Law-themed Chocolate

Something at the less expensive end? What about lawyer-themed chocolates. You can go with the heart-shaped box or some great law-themed candy and others like a chocolate gavel, for instance? Or a chocolate plaque reading “Lawyer”.

4. A ‘Sneaky’ drinking tome.5 Last Minute Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Lawyers 4

After all, lawyers (mostly) love to booze.

Oscar Wilde said “Work is the curse of the drinking class,” and that’s doubly applicable for lawyers. which is why you should celebrate Valentine’s Day with this super-cool “drinks book.” It looks like an olde timey book, but it really hides room for some booze and a few glasses. The perfect way to hide a drinking habit.

5. Love Candy

Valentine’s Day chocolate and candy is always a favorite and you can purchase something like heart truffles and chocolate to both melt and melt your Valentine’s heart.  The VD chocolates come in beautiful packaging and everything the love-lost lawyer would . . well, love.


You get the picture.

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