5 Ways To Boost Your Law Firm Blog Traffic x50!


5 Ways To Boost Your Law Firm Blog Traffic x50!Getting big traffic to your blog is NOT the answer to marketing your law firm.

It’s something quite different – so don’t strut about if you happen to find that you’re driving a ton of traffic to a particular post that you believe is well crafted, perfectly headlined and generating a whole bunch of social media shares.


Because you need something else.  You are looking for new clients, new work for your firm, correct?

Which means you need targeted traffic.

You don’t need tons of traffic at all.

So you need to get your words of wisdom in front of the people who will be interested . . engaged . . eager to learn every piece of information or advice you have.

That means you need targeted traffic.  Sorry to repeat.  But that is the key.

And that is why “content marketing” has become the current byword on generating profile for business.

That statistics and information on content marketing show a bewildering array of compelling reasons why businesses – including lawyers – need to use this technique to build their brands, their authority and their influence.

Like what, you may ask?

Like – 

And how do you do that?

How do you go about having your brilliant words read by the people who you want or need to reach?

Here’s how.

Find Your Audience

5 Ways To Boost Your Law Firm Blog Traffic x50!
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It’s like a rock concert.  If you’re a support act for Bon Jovi, the Rolling Stones or Lorde (sorry, but I’m a kiwi and a big Lorde fan), and if you’re looking to market your new album, do you think the fans at the BJ/RS/L concert would be likely purchasers of your musical artistry?

Or at least some of them?

Of course.  Because you were before a targeted audience.

And the best way of reaching this audience is through guest blogging.

Pick an audience that is huge and look at some of the sites that accept guest posts, with massive audiences –

> Forbes

> Huffington Post

> Business Insider

> LifeHacker

. . and a whole bunch more.

In the legal arena there are others that will publish quality posts (LawFuel included), so long as you provide high quality content that is truly useful to your targeted audience.

No Experience?

Lack of experience in writing for these sites is not something to worry about.  They don’t want newbies, necessarily but they are focused on one thing:  quality writing

It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, it just matters how good your content is.

Having said that, there are some ‘tricks of the trade – techniques that will hugely help your chances of being published by one of these big name sites.

Tricks of the Writing Trade

When you’re guest blogging you need to be able to provide a structure that will engage your audience but also use some techniques that guarantee engagement.

>>Make sure you use good subheads.

Breaking your article into bite-size pieces of information makes it easier for the readers to understand and follow.

Make sure you use sub-heads and images frequently to ensure you’re generating good, eye-catching information that’s well presented.

>> Ask a question

By asking your readers questions or seeking a response you will be engaging them in your compelling content.  So do so.  Make sure you ask for their response as well as just outlining what you know or want to tell them.


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