5 Ways To Promote Your Law Firm With Instagram

5 Ways To Promote Your Law Firm With Instagram
5 Ways To Promote Your Law Firm With Instagram

Ashley Halsey* In recent years, law firms have turned to social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote their businesses and get more clients. However, there’s another social media platform that most lawyers don’t even think to use – a platform used by so many users (billions, actually), that it’s a gold mine that law firms are yet to find: Instagram.

You heard right! Instagram, despite its users many consisting of tweens, teens, and young adults, has already begun welcoming brands to promote their products and services, due to the growth of diversity. Therefore, the “gold mine” logic should also pertain to law firms, as more and more adult consumers take to their smartphones and experience platforms like Instagram.

With that said, law firms should definitely promote their businesses via Instagram in the following ways:

1. Have a Strategy

“Before starting an Instagram for your law firm, it’s important to have a plan in place first,” says Tom Carr, a social media marketer at Writinity and Research papers UK. “The best way to do that is to establish a planning committee that will set goals, appoint a social media manager and who will post content.”

It’s also important to have a posting schedule, rather than post very little or too much.

“Before posting on Instagram, consider when it’s the right time to be sending out a post,” adds Carr. “Posting several times a day can scare your followers away. Therefore, it’s best to have a consist posting schedule, so that you can pace yourself, and not overwhelm your followers with too many posts.”

2. Have an Impressive Account Bio

Once you create a business account on Instagram, you’ll need a bio. Make sure that you include your company logo as your bio picture (properly sized). Next, your written bio should be brief, with some of the following:

  • A tagline for your firm
  • A short description of what your firm does
  • Relevant hashtags

Then, add a link to your company’s website at the top of your page. Also, add buttons for people to both call and email your office. While most users will do their research before contacting an attorney, some of them may want to contact you right away for a consultation.

3. Don’t be Spammy

Despite Instagram being wildly successful with brands and users promoting products and services, it’s also, unfortunately, a cesspool of fake and fraudulent accounts. So, it’s not surprising to see that consumers may not visit your page, if it doesn’t look legitimate enough. 

First, your account name and username must reflect your firm’s brand 100%. Don’t settle for nicknames, unless your firm has a reputation for having a nickname. Also, avoid using too many hastags or irrelevant ones, or else your page will come off as spammy. Finally, have correct spelling, and make sure that your links aren’t broken.

4. Share Professional Videos

Since videos are popular on Instagram, law firms can also take advantage of mobile video consumption. Videos allow you to show off expertise, and make a potential client really remember you. Whether it’s talking about a certain legal topic, or sharing your thoughts on a recent news story, these ideas can be great video content to share on Instagram. 

Just keep in mind that Instagram allows videos to be up to 10 minutes long. However, your best bet is to keep videos to two to three minutes max, unless you’re able to tell a great story with more time.

5. Encourage Former Client Testimonies

“Just like online reviews, people that use your products or services will talk about it online,” says Beth McCaskill, a law writer at Draft beyond and Last minute writing. “For law firms, former clients may recommend your business to other people via platforms like Instagram.”

Therefore, why not have you former clients share their testimonies on Instagram?

“If some of your former clients are willing to go on camera, then you’ll get great testimonies out of them,” adds McCaskill. “Or, if they prefer to send you a photo of them with an attorney, then that’s okay too. Either way, they would be beneficial and professional for your Instagram.”


Using Instagram for your law firm, of course, takes time and planning. When implemented correctly, using Instagram can help your business achieve goals, engage with the community, provide knowledge and expertise in your industry, and approach problems with great ideas. Thus, when you have an Instagram page, you can grow your law practice, and gain more clients. 

5 Ways To Promote Your Law Firm With Instagram

Ashley Halsey writes at Research paper writing service and Gumessays.com. As a professional writer, she has managed many writing projects nationwide. In her spare time, she likes to attend business training courses, travel, read novellas, and spend time with her two children.

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