80% of Top U.S. Law Firms Now Blogging for Business Development

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LexBlog’s Annual Benchmark Report finds the 200 largest law firms are publishing almost 1,000 blogs

SEATTLE, June 30, 2015  — LexBlog, Inc., the world’s leading provider of blogging technology and strategy to large law firms, released its 2015 Am Law 200 Blog Benchmark Report, and the results are clear: the United States’ top law firms are a social publishing powerhouse.

LexBlog reveals that 181 law firms in the Am Law 200, or 81 percent, are blogging. Those firms combine to produce 962 blogs, a 315 percent increase since LexBlog conducted its first such report in August of 2007.

“If your firm isn’t blogging, you’re being left behind,” said Kevin O’Keefe, CEO of LexBlog, which has been partnering with Am Law 200 firms for a decade. “And now, if you want to take a step ahead, blogging alone isn’t enough—it’s about blogging well and blogging on the right technology.”

In looking at technology, LexBlog found that only 26 percent of Am Law 200 blogs utilize responsive mobile design, the Google-recommended setup for viewing on all devices.

For the first time in eight iterations of the report, LexBlog reveals the most-trafficked blogs, overall and by practice area. LexBlog partners with 23 of the top 30 most-trafficked publications, and at least three of the five most-trafficked in all practice areas but one.

“Blogs should be measured by the amount of work they bring in for law firms, which we’ve seen plenty of,” said O’Keefe, “but we’re proud to help LexBlog Network publications achieve the visibility they deserve.”

Other findings include:

  • 92 percent of the blogs are outside firm websites.
  • The average blogging Am Law 200 firm produces six blogs. 134 firms have at least two and 27 have at least 10.
  • Employment law is the most popular subject, with 132 publications.
  • Fox Rothschild publishes the most blogs, with 39; Dentons publishes the most new blogs, with 17.

The report is available at LexBlog.com/AmLaw2015

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