A World I Never Made makes Successful Author of Attorney – Kindle Fire Best Seller

Lawfuel.com – A World I Never Made is a Kindle Fire book written by attorney James LePore, who has practised law for around 20 years and is now a successful author.

In fact, James LePore is also a successful photographer and A World I Never Made is his first novel, with a second now ‘in the works’.

What is his first book about? A World I Never Made is about an American who is called to Paris to claim the body of his daughter, from whom he is estranged. But when he arrives he finds it is not his daughter at all and rather it is her cry for help.

The resulting activity takes the protagonist from France to the Czech Republic, making him the target of both terrorists and the French Police. He is also joined by a beautiful but troubled French policewoman who finds love with someone that she never believed she could love.

Kindle Fire is a distribution mechanism that has assisted authors like James LePore and his book “A World I Never Made” to make it to the Amazon kindle best seller list.

Another outlet for a lawyer and author who can now claim more than one string to his bow.

Check “A World I Never Made” on Kindle.