Amal Clooney Takes on ISIS

amal clooney as Apprentice replacement

Glamorous civil rights lawyer Amal Clooney’s next move in her fight against the corrupt and inhumane is the world’s worst current scouge – ISIS.

Fighting ISIS is something that requires more than bombing missions and special forces for Ms Clooney, but how exactly can they be sued for their depraved criminality?

Supported (of course) by husband George Clooney, Ms Amal is representing client Nadia Murad who was captured and made a sex slave when 19 years old following the slaughter of her eight brothers and her mother in the Yazidi genocide.

Nadia Murad
Nadia Murad

But how and where will this trial occur?

Amal told the UN that bombs alone will not destroy ISIS, but a trial and the killing of an idea is more powerful.

She wants to expose their brutality and corruption through trials.

Clooney, who said she spoke with her husband before taking on the case, added: ‘I don’t think anybody can feel that they’re being courageous compared to what Nadia’s doing. It’s no joke. This is ISIS, and they have sent her very specific threats saying we will get you back .

‘This is a direct quote: “We will do everything to you.”‘


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