An Account Of Dedicated Servers

You have all the rights to disagree but for some of us, servers are still those people who wait on us in restaurants. Take my mother for example. While the usage of computers and internet has soared like a mammoth revolution especially during the last decade, web hosting is still an area people are yet not comfortable with.

Think of it this way, every website needs a home. A server provides that home to websites. A website can either have the whole house – the server- to itself, or it can share it with others. That is where the concept of dedicated vs. shared servers comes in. There are many companies out there that provide hosting services for websites on both types of servers. These companies are called web hosting companies.

Dedicated servers are web servers surrounded by a series of network computers. What do these network computers do? They provide dedicated support via the server to only one customer as against a shared server, which caters to more than one customer. Dedicated servers are mostly used by large corporations owning various companies or business across the country or the globe. They are used by customers who need a high level of customization and want to install their own hardware and software on the server. If the clients need, they can also set up multiple domain names on the same server. This is a common practice by assigning different domain IDs to a large company’s business in different countries. Shared servers are not capable of providing these types of support. Whereas most dedicated server are built to accommodate high customization and the intricacies of installing external software. With a dedicated server, you can be assured to get efficient assistance from your web hosting company, if you have chosen the right one.

However, along with all these benefits, there can also be some down sides to using dedicated servers. The main one is the cost. Dedicated web hosting usually comes at a high price since the customers are in need of high website personalization as well as requiring the flexibility of using their own software/hardware. This does not only make it expensive to incorporate this flexibility but the web hosting company also needs to invest more into providing complete technical knowledge to their client servicing team to assist the clients better. All of this makes the cost go up. Yet there are also a large number of cheap dedicated servers available in the market.

Another problem could be if your server does not allow as much flexibility as you would like. There are servers which prohibit access into their operating system, thus no application configurations can be changed. But on the other hand, this same feature may also act as a filter for hackers or spammers and stop them from ruining your website.

If you are planning to invest in a dedicated server for your business, take your time to find the web hosting that suits you best in terms of cost as well as flexibility.

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