Just Take A Moment To Step Back And Look

What stressful situations do you experience on a day to day basis: Driving to work in traffic, deadlines, bill payments, a difficult boss, or what else? How about a temporary or long term stressful situation: Divorce, job loss, illness, family quarrel, etc?

How do they affect you? Did you find a useful way to handle them?

We can observe one thing; everyone seems to experience some level of stress. People say that some stress is useful. The question is not whether it has a purpose or not, but how we handle it!

But please remember this: Stress is something that happens to us, which means it is not our natural essence!

When we were young, free, spontaneous, and let’s admit it, unconscious also, things were much simpler. As we developed an ego, grew older and became aware of others, we also took on a new friend: stress. And at the same time, we seem to have lost the natural capacity to totally experience the moment!

Have you watched a child lately! How a young boy or girl will have the biggest temper tantrum or the most wonderful laugh and joy and when it is over, it is over. We seem to have lost the capacity to live an experience totally. Why? Isn’t the experience of losing someone or a job, enough in itself without adding to it? Why can we no longer experience a painful or even joyful experience in its totality and move on?

When a stressful situation occurs and, for whatever reason, if we do not give ourselves permission to live it totally, I mean with all the feelings and emotions that may arise in the moment, it seems to create additional lingering long term stress! Did you notice that?

We have become accustomed to extra symptoms such as upset stomachs, endless crying, outbursts, feelings of uneasiness, worrying, feeling overwhelmed, sleepless nights, non stop mind chatting and so on.

So, what to do?

Here is the dilemma.

If you try to remove or get rid of stress, it will simply create more of it. So that strategy does not work.

What strategies might work?

First, get familiar with what is happening in the body: tense breathing, upset stomach, headaches, etc. That is always a good start. Then, check the mind (that inner chatting). And then contact your feelings. Are you sad, angry or disappointed? etc. Becoming conscious on these 3 levels is the essential starting point.

Be a witness of the body, mind and emotions as if you were watching a picture. By becoming watchful and alert, stress will naturally reduce. WHY? Because you gain insight and perspective into the situation, you give space for expression and you gain a certain level a detachment as well.

You see, we cannot control what is coming our way… Things happen. The problem is often not what is happening, but what we choose to do with it and our perception. By allowing experiencing in the moment to happen it its totality, the stress intensity will decrease more rapidly.

This way of handling stress opens new opportunities to support whatever stress reducing activities are available for us: Walking in nature, meditation, exercising, or using vibrational essences. These are quite beneficial to our well being as suppose to opting for approaches such as, using sleeping pills, escaping in drinking, using drugs, etc.

On a vibrational level, I would like to share with you that for the last 10 years now, thousands of people have used our Millenium Journey Tree Flower Essence to support them through transitions and changes. It supports awareness, clarity, intuition and perspective. The essence brings poise in the midst of change.

Trees are generous in every way and their beautiful resonance nourishes our being and pulls out our present qualities to find joy and balance in our lives.

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Celine Cloutier (aka Ma Sunder Gulabo)
Email: gulabo@essences.ca

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