. . And The ‘Most Fun’ Law School Winner Is . .

. . And The 'Most Fun' Law School Winner Is . . 2
. . And The 'Most Fun' Law School Winner Is . . 3

Law School rankings tend to focus on prestige rankings, graduate employment opportunities and the like, but now the ‘most fun’ law school has been identified according to a new survey.

The Online Paralegal Program looked at 30 of the top law schools in the US and their methodology meant looking at the key ‘fun factors’ that determined how the rankings were calculated.

As survey author Oscar Jenkins noted –

“The interesting challenge when creating this article was that different individuals have different ideas of what constitutes fun. For that reason, we looked at a broad range of law schools in diverse locations, offering either thriving social scenes or easy access to stunning natural scenery – or ideally both.

“We considered factors such as happening entertainment, nightlife, cultural attractions, sports events, hip boutique stores and popular eating hotspots. Naturally, a selection of these schools fell within the country’s major cities and cultural hubs.”

. . And The Winner Is

University of Colorado Law School, Boulder –

Boulder was named number one on Livability’s 2013 list of “Top 10 College Towns” – and for good reason. Ensconced beneath the foothills of the mighty Rocky Mountains and more than 5,000 feet above sea level, Boulder is a nature lover’s paradise and features over 100 miles of cycling trails. It’s additionally home to Colorado Law at the University of Colorado, Boulder, which occupies the striking LEED Gold-certified Wolf Law Building and showcases what the school describes as “nationally recognized programs” in American Indian and public service law, among other areas. Boulder’s thriving academic community can also enjoy the city’s food, microbreweries and arts events. 

2. University of San Diego Law

3 Berkeley Law, University of California

4. Cornell University, New York

5. University of Georgia

Check the full list here

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. . And The 'Most Fun' Law School Winner Is . . 4

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