AntiTrust Trends in 2015

anti trust trends 2015

Clifford Chance – Our second annual review of global antitrust trends is now available. This year, we have picked ten themes that reflect the most prominent antitrust risks faced by businesses around the world in 2015, and the most effective strategies for minimising those risks.

To request a copy of the report, please contact Nikki Moore. The themes are described briefly in the videos and summaries linked below. If you would like to know more about any of these issues, and their implications for your business, the lawyers in Clifford Chance’s global antitrust practice would be happy to discuss them with you. We will also be running a series of initiatives – such as seminars, webinars, briefings and tailored presentations – focusing on each of the individual themes throughout 2015. Speak to your usual Clifford Chance antitrust contact, or any of the contacts listed in the report, to arrange a discussion about any of the themes in our report, or to participate in our future events.

  1. Focus on fines: trends in cartel fines, covering cartel fining trends in numerous jurisdictions in the EU, US and Asia-Pacific
  2. Focus on fines: antitrust contagion, including the results of our 35-country survey of jurisdictions in which parent companies and private equity firms risk incurring no-fault liability for antitrust breaches committed by their subsidiaries and portfolio companies.
  3. Practical tips for multi–jurisdictional investigations, explaining how companies can structure their response to conduct with geographically widespread anticompetitive effects, and the steps they can take to mitigate risks.
  4. A new era for antitrust damages claims in the EU? This explores the likely impact of the EU Damages Directive on private enforcement of antitrust law in the EU, as well as key national developments.
  5. The perils of public speaking, describing how public disclosures of competitively sensitive information are attracting increasing regulatory attention, and exploring how investor-relations and media strategies can be conducted to minimise these risks.
  6. Current practice of China and rest of Asia, looking at recent merger control and antitrust developments in China, and antitrust trends in other Asian jurisdictions
  7. Merger control: enforcement trends and filing volumes in major jurisdictions, and options for crafting the right remedy package to minimise delays in clearance.
  8. State aid tax investigations in the EU. The European Commission’s ongoing State aid investigations into tax arrangements in various countries will continue to generate headlines in 2015. We discuss the status of these probes, likely future developments, and how companies can mitigate potential liabilities.
  9. Distribution pitfalls in the EU, focusing on the approach of the European Commission and national authorities in the EU towards dealings between suppliers and distributors, in particular in the online world.
  10. Cutting edge compliance – a discussion of the diverse range of antitrust compliance options available to companies and current and future challenges for effective antitrust compliance.

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