APlusA.org.uk Recognizes Europe’s Importance by Hiring Specialists

APlusA.org.uk is reminded of the continuing importance of Europe to America and the world by a current exhibit in Brussels. “L’Amerique, c’est aussi notre histoire!” is the lively title of this fascinating review of the mutual effect of the two continents. In light of the continuing impact of Europe on the world, APlusA.org.uk has decided to pull together a group of writers with expertise in continental affairs.

This exhibit reviews Europe’s contributions to the New World, and vice versa, in four sections. It covers the Enlightenment ferment on both sides of the Atlantic, and its effect on both the American and French Revolutions. It moves on to examine the unprecedented movement of emigrants to the USA, and the equally unprecedented movement of troops back to fight in the World Wars. The exhibit ends with the post-war period, highlighting its dramatic cultural exchange and cross-fertilization.

APlusA.org.uk has taken to heart the lesson of this exhibit. Our staff of specialists in American studies is substantial, but we feel that we will benefit from the addition of writers who can focus on European topics. Contemporary politics, art, economics, and science, all from a European perspective – these will be the focus for our new writers’ group.

APlusA.org.uk tries consistently to expand the breadth and depth the knowledge base of our writer corps. Look for more details on past efforts to prepare for the widest range of topics at our website http://aplusa.org.uk.

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