Takes a Step to Conserve Energy: Urges Avoiding Car Commutes

France has experienced what happens when the flow of fossil fuel is cut off. It is frightening to see how quickly life changes! This lesson is not lost on management. If we all do not begin to conserve in a major way, we will face life without oil and all that implies. To take a step back from that future, we are asking our staff to use public transit, or any other mode of travel that conserves.

We have put our resources behind going green here at; solar panels, energy efficiency, round the clock scheduling, etc. Ours is the most environmentally conscious firm in the online custom writing industry. Now, we need to take it a step further.

Commuting with one lonely person in each car is terribly wasteful of fuel. At the very least, we need to facilitate car/van pooling and ride sharing perhaps by acting as the intermediary in website-based arrangements. may need to be sure that we have conveniences such as bike racks at our facility.

Hewing to our commitments and paying attention to details is what has made successful over the last several years. We accord the same sort of careful thought to your writing projects. You can find out more about our energy conservation efforts, as well as our services and pricing policies, at, our website.

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