APlusReports.com to Go Greener: Energy Savings from Renovation Will Enhance Services

The hammers will start banging sometime soon at APlusReports.com, where an eco-friendly overhaul of the facility is planned. We hope to save substantial energy dollars, to be spent, of course, on professional enrichment for our writers, and the newest improvements in IT.

APlusReports.com anticipates all sorts of efficiencies and a healthier environment! We look forward to more effective windows (which we can open between seasons), improved insulation, low-VOC paints, and natural fiber textiles. We’re looking at a green roof, with shrubs planted right over our heads, to absorb heat and cold, as well as water run-off.

Some of our windowless offices could be lit by solar tubes. The disruption will be worth it! Natural sunlight helps inspire our writers and avert seasonal affective disorder.

Bathroom retrofits will reduce water usage, and everywhere possible, motion sensor light switches will conserve electricity. The possibilities are nearly endless – and not all involve high-tech investment.

For example, a hard-core few of the APlusReports.com writers are lobbying for a worm farm/compost heap. That should decrease our carbon footprint somewhat!

Of course, we will reinvest any savings! Upgrading telecommunications and computing systems, and enhancing the development of our writers, are areas where any extra money will go.
Our renovation is reflective of APlusReports.com’s values. We have a track record of innovating in the custom writing industry; improving life for our writers, and service for our customers. You can check out some of our earlier efforts to “walk lightly on the land” ecologically at our website, http://aplusreports.com. Company news and all the details of our services are right there to be viewed, and you can ask questions of our staff, 24/7.

About APlusReports.com:

APlusReports.com has been, for several years, at the leading edge in online writing services. Our team of writing and editing professionals can assist you in presenting the results of your research, brainstorm with you, or polish your prose to a high gloss. No genre of paper is too challenging, no topic is too obscure, for our widely experienced writing staff! Count on APlusReports.com for all your writing projects.

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