Green Renovation at Will Save Energy: Savings Will Be Used to Enhance Services

“It’s not easy being green”, sings Kermit the Frog in vintage Sesame Street style. The diminutive hero of children’s educational television was right, but not the way he meant it. Conserving energy, reducing our carbon footprint, and saving money, all these are goals of the custom writing company. However, these goals require ongoing efforts.

This autumn, after watching air conditioning bills grow like ugly fungi, is undertaking major ‘green renovations’. The money thereby saved will free up funds for professional development of our writers and technological and telephony enhancements. The reduced resource consumption will help (a bit) to save our planet.’s punch list includes all eco-friendly improvements! New windows, with advantageous U-values (heat conduction measure), will increase both heating and cooling efficiency, and deflect summer insolation. Finally, as well, windows we can open between seasons!

Blown-in recycled blue jeans (possibly our own) will insulate and increase R-values (heat flow measure) for some walls and ceilings. Solar tubes will funnel outside sunlight into windowless areas.

Low-tech solutions are on the drafting table as well! Window shades and awnings will reduce the amount of air conditioning we need. Planned evergreen tree plantings will shield us from summer sun and winter winds.

Solar panels already have pride of place, but there may remain space for some ‘green roof’. In this design concept, hardy plants, rooted in a shallow, roof-sized ‘tray’ of potting mix, absorb both heat, and rainwater, instead of allowing run-off.

To learn more about’s ongoing efforts to operate environmentally consciously, and reinvest in our staff, come visit our website at You can see the way we prefer to spend our money; on writer enrichment and telecommunications upgrades.

About has been offering online custom writing services for long enough now to need this renovation! Our staff of professional writers has a truly breathtaking variety of backgrounds. Thus, no matter the topic, no matter the field, our writers can help you with any writing project at Discuss your paper, report, thesis, or dissertation with our support staff, 24/7.
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