Arthur Allan Thomas Back in Dock

Arthur Allan Thomas Back in Dock 2
Arthur Allan Thomas Back in Dock 3

The man who served nine years’ prison for the murder of Harvey and Jeannette Crewe is back in the dock, charged with Police have now charged with sex offences including rape and indecent assault.

Thomas, 81, was pardoned for the Crewe murders and has entered pleas of not guilty to the charges, which are historical, and has elected for trial by jury.

THe was awarded $950,000 compensation in 1980.

Almost 40 years later, the Crewe murders remain the most infamous cold case in New Zealand history, inspiring books, films and documentaries.

The latest charges against Thomas have been laid after two alleged victims spoke to police – one alleging rape and indecent assault, the other alleging three counts of indecent assault. 

Their identities are protected by law. Thomas was initially granted name suppression but the order was lifted today.

Harvey and Jeanette Crewe were shot dead on or around June 17, 1970, at their Pukekawa farmhouse – about 65km south of central Auckland.

Arthur Allan Thomas Back in Dock 4

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