At Our Support Team Took a Religious Studies Course

The list of customers is growing all of the time and we can honestly say that we have customers from every corner of the earth. It occurred to our management that every religion has its traditions and taboos so when our support staff works with clients it is not that difficult to accidently offend someone – even if you don’t mean to. For this reason we felt that it was necessary for our support staff to take a brief course in religious studies. The course was an overview of the major tenants of the larger religions and where they are based. The support team also learned what some of the traditions of these religions were so that they can better understand why certain customer’s need things done a special way. Knowledge is power and we know this information will aid our support team in being sensitive to all of our client’s needs.

The support team at takes calls from customers that live in very different parts of the world and live very different types of lives from each other and we want them to treat every customer with care. One thing we thought might be helpful was to make our staff aware of the way that religion influences some of our customer’s decisions and needs. In order to facilitate this we provided a brief course in religious studies for our staff and we know that they learned many useful things from this experience.

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