A-Pluss.com, Inspired by Euro-American Exhibit, Hires European Specialist Writers

Here at A-Pluss.com, we track international news to stay current for our customers. An exhibit in Brussels getting substantial coverage is entitled, “L’Amerique, c’est aussi notre histoire!”, or “America is our own history, too”. This got us to thinking about the distribution of our specialists. Many focus on American history and culture, but we plan to add a group of writers with a focus on Europe.

This interesting exhibit in Brussels focuses on four points in European/US history. The first is the Enlightenment synergy generated between philosophes and revolutionaries. The next section follows the massive European emigrations. The third part looks at the sacrifices of the World Wars, and the last portion of the exhibit showcases the post-War period.

In considering this, A-Pluss.com management realizes Europe’s consistent position as cultural hub of the world. In our ongoing efforts to cover all topics completely, we are specifically targeting European specialist writers in our hiring. We’re aiming to assemble a core group of regional experts.

Such initiatives are not new to A-Pluss.com. We have previously recruited a number of similar subject-area specialty groups. You can learn more about our innovative and thoughtful attempts to address the full range of academic and business topics at our website, http://a-pluss.com.

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