Australian Class Action Targets Automated Debt Collection

Australian Class Action Targets Automated Debt Collection 2

Gordon Legal to Fight Illegal Robodebt Clawback

Australian Class Action Targets Automated Debt Collection 3

Powered By LawFuel Gordon Legal is taking up the fight on behalf of a large group of people who have had their legitimate Centrelink benefits illegally clawed back by the Federal Government through its Robodebt scheme.

The law firm will challenge on behalf of affected persons the Government’s use of a flawed
calculation system by Centrelink to unlawfully take back tens of millions of dollars from many
thousands of Centrelink recipients, including pensioners.

The money for pensioners, carers, widows, students, farmers and unemployed people was
taken from them due to a one -size-fits-all online compliance system.

The Robodebt scheme has been in place since mid-2016, its legality was first raised with us by the new Shadow Minister for Government Services, Bill Shorten.

The basis for the challenge is that that the Federal Government financially benefited when it wrongfully took and banked money that legitimately belonged to recipients.

Gordon Legal Senior Partner, Peter Gordon says “investigations reveal between two to three
hundred million dollars have been wrongly taken from people and making it even worse was
many were hit with penalties of 10% on those amounts.”

“These people are the least able groups to afford the heavy-handed actions which are based on a system that used ATO averages that didn’t take into account individual circumstances.”

“The unfair and incorrect assumptions had a devastating financial impact on people’s lives. The emotional distress for people who have done nothing wrong has been high.”

“The Robodebt system put debt collectors onto innocent people to chase unlawful debts.”

“They have been unfairly financially disadvantaged and must be repaid with interest,
penalties dropped and damages paid.”

“The amounts owed will vary from case to case but the average repayments could be a few thousand dollars which is vital from a financial and wellbeing perspective for these people who are least able to afford it.”

Peter Gordon says “The people in this class action were not gaming the system. They hadhonest claims to payments and allowances that Robodebt wrongly assessed, penalised andpursued with harsh consequences.”

“If you have been unfairly affected by Robodebt, you should register your details on the Gordon Legal website and we will be in touch.”

Gordon Legal considers a class action is likely to be the best way to deliver redress for
people unfairly impacted by Robodebt.

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