Australia’s Most Female-Friendly Law Firm

Australia's Most Female-Friendly Law Firm 2
Australia's Most Female-Friendly Law Firm 3

Moray & Agnew the most female-friendly law firm in Australia according to a report in the Australian Financial Review. The insurance specialists promoted five partners and six senior associates the AFR reports.

The firm’s managing partner Geoff Connellan told the newspaper:

“We’re promoting the best lawyers for the job and it just happens that this year – and other years – they’ve all happened to be female.”

“It’s a reflection of what is produced in law school, and in the past decade the output has been majority women.”

We employ graduates on merit as far as we can judge it from law school … and we identify good lawyers who are good at what they do.

“Those good young lawyers turn into good slightly older lawyers, and who then have an affinity with the client.”

The firm has shown the youngest partner promotion in its annual law partner survey. With just over 34 per cent female partners it is 11th on the table but has the highest proportion of female senior associates with over 78 per cent against an Australian law industry average of almost 62 per cent.

As an insurance law specialist, the firm is also reflecting the trend in the insurance business for a greater female participation.

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