BAF Introduces Funding and Credit Suites With No Personal Credit Check or Guarantee

Business Assistance Foundation, Inc. rolls out its revolutionary Funding and Credit Suite enabling business owners to access a minimum of $50k credit with no personal credit check or guarantee.

Denver, – July 17th — Business Assistance Foundation’s offering of funding as well as credit suites to businesses is being viewed as a unique new approach by finance experts. Businesses now have one click access to a range of funding and credit options that will not requires them to undergo personal credit checking or to provide any collateral.

“In just one year of beta testing of the program we are quite satisfied with the results. We are now poised to bring in our over a decade worth of experience in the personal credit realm to service the funding and credit needs of the Business world”, says David Zabawa, President.

Dorothy Lowell, business owner – San Luis Obispo, Ca., says, “Because of really bad personal credit scores, our first attempt at getting expansion capital was flatly denied by the local banking authorities. In just four months of Funding and Credit Suite coaching, we were able to ready our business for loan and get it approved and that too without requiring any personal guarantee.”

With the Suite, potential clients will have access to over 2100 lenders, which makes qualifying for a loan rather easy. Should they not be able to get a loan even then, The Funding and Credit Suite adopts a revolutionary approach and through concierge coaching will help the business get through the loan approval from beginning to end. This process begins with a 21-point program that will assess the credibility of the business and make sure that it lives up to all the requirements of the lender’s fraud verification process. In fact, it is rather surprising the applications can get rejected on the basis of small details such as non-411 listed mobiles being used or personal email ids and even home addresses.

The next step is creating separate credit profiles for the personal and business finances. This is done with three of the biggest business credit reporting agencies: Dun & Bradstreet, Experian Intelliscore, as well as Equifax. It may come as a shock but around 92 percent of businesses have no business credit profiles to start with. With the help of an exclusive list of business vendors that are part of the Suite and who report payments, the opening of accounts as well as payment made – it is ensured that the Paydex business credit score of the client is activated within months.

Once this is done the specifically assigned Funding coach will look over the new business profile of the client and try and match it to the lenders on their list. Since this database is also inclusive of the lender’s approval guidelines, you will not end up wasting time in the submission of funding requests in places where the client is not eligible.

To learn more about the Funding and Credit Suite go to: :
HomeBuyers assistance foundation
4516 pierce st, omaha, Nebraska, 68106

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