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Global, 1 July 2013 – Global law firm Baker & McKenzie announced the election of 71 new partners across the Firm worldwide. The promotions, which take effect today, will bring the total number of partners in the Firm to 1,450. Regionally, 27% of the promotions are in Asia-Pacific; 35% in Europe, Middle East and Africa; 13% in Latin America; and 25% in North America.

The Firm also reported that it has added 60 lateral partners in key practice areas and jurisdictions over the past year. These partners support clients in dispute resolution, mergers & acquisitions, tax and securities, among other practices. Growth also came from the expansion of the Firm’s global platform, now totaling 74 offices in 46 countries, with new offices in Seoul, Republic of Korea; Lima, Peru; and Casablanca, Morocco.

“Our new partners have consistently demonstrated exceptional service to our clients, and we’re very proud of this talented group of lawyers,” said Eduardo Leite, Baker & McKenzie’s Chairman of the Executive Committee.

The newly elected partners are:

Asia Pacific (19)
Duangkamon Amkaew (Bangkok) – Mergers & Acquisitions
Timothy Breier (Bangkok) – Dispute Resolution
Sebastian Busa (Sydney) – Real Estate
Ruby Chan (Hong Kong) – Intellectual Property
Kiyoshi Endo (Tokyo) – Mergers & Acquisitions
Da-Fa Feng (Taipei) – Intellectual Property
Michael Horman (Hong Kong) – Mergers & Acquisitions
Jennifer Hughes (Sydney) – Environmental Markets
Kate Jefferson (Sydney) – Mergers & Acquisitions and Securities
Jinghua Liu (Beijing) – Tax
Andi Kadir (Jakarta) – Dispute Resolution
Permsak Krairiksh (Bangkok) – Banking and Finance and Major Projects
Piya Krootdaecha (Bangkok) – Dispute Resolution
Ampika Kumar (Bangkok) – Mergers & Acquisitions
Lan Phuong Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh) – Mergers & Acquisitions
Edwin Li (Hong Kong) – Mergers & Acquisitions and Securities
Anne Petterd (Sydney) – IT & Communications
Dawn Quek (Singapore) – Tax
Andrew Sim (Beijing) – Intellectual Property

Europe, Middle East and Africa (25)
Bilal Ambikapathy (Bahrain/Doha) – Corporate & Securities
Christoph Becker (Frankfurt) – Tax
Shaun Browne (Johannesburg) – Banking & Finance
Sebastian Burg (Belgium) – Employment
Jiri Cermak (Prague) – IT & Communications
Hatem Darweesh (Cairo) – Dispute Resolution
Mario D’Avossa (Milan) – Tax
Bruno Dominguez (Barcelona) – Tax
Tobias Edenman (Stockholm) – Real Estate
Francesca Gaudino (Milan) – IT & Communications
Hubert Gilliéron (Geneva) – Antitrust & Competition
Olyana Gordiyenko (Kyiv) – Mergers & Acquisitions
Muhsin Keskin (Istanbul) – Mergers & Acquisitions
Marcin Kolasinski (Warsaw) – Antitrust & Competition
Daniel Krone (Munich) – IT & Communications
Jaime Martínez-Íñiguez (Madrid) – Tax
Raffaella Marzi (Milan) – Mergers & Acquisitions
François-Xavier Naime ( Paris) – Mergers & Acquisitions
Peder Oxhammar (Stockholm) – Intellectual Property
Ihor Siusel (Kyiv) – Dispute Resolution
Duygu Turgut (Istanbul) – Mergers & Acquisitions
Kuif Klein Wassink (Amsterdam) – Private Equity
James Wilson (London) – Tax
Wibren Veldhuizen (Amsterdam) – Tax
Asli Yigit (Istanbul) – Mergers & Acquisitions

Latin America (9)
Claudia Benavides (Bogota) – Dispute Resolution
Diego R. Bongiovanni (Buenos Aires) – Employment*
Armando Cabrera-Nolasco (Guadalajara) – Tax*
Ronaldo Moya Alessio-Robles (Mexico City) – Tax*
Hector Ramirez (Caracas) – Employment
Fernando Robles-Pesqueira (Guadalajara) – Intellectual Property*
Jose Carlos Talledo Vinces (Lima) – Tax*
Edmundo Torres-Barajas (Guadalajara) – Mergers & Acquisitions*
Oscar Trelles de Belaunde (Lima) – Mergers & Acquisitions*

North America* (18)
Jenny Austin (Chicago) – Tax
Mohamed Barakat (Chicago) – Mergers & Acquisitions
John Cunningham (Washington, DC) – Corporate Compliance
Hugo Dubovoy, Jr. (Chicago) – Mergers & Acquisitions
David Gadsden (Toronto) – Dispute Resolution
Denise Glagau (San Francisco) – Employment
Jacob Kaplan (New York) – Dispute Resolution
Kevin Maher (Dallas) – Trade & Commerce
Michele Maney (New York) – Mergers & Acquisitions
Alain Mégias (San Francisco) – Mergers & Acquisitions
Mark Mendl (Toronto) – Employment
Laura O’Rourke (Dallas) – Dispute Resolution
Daniel Robyn (San Francisco) – Mergers & Acquisitions
Abrahm Smith (Houston) – Tax
Caryn Smith (Houston) – Tax
Aimee Soodan (Chicago) – Employment
Stephanie Vaccari (Toronto) – Intellectual Property
Eric Weber (New York) – Tax

*elections were effective 1 January 2013

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