Ballard Spahr Webinar on Legal Issues Around Social Media

ballard-spahr-lawfuelWant to start using Twitter to keep your residents informed? Considering creating a Facebook fan page to build a positive buzz about your latest development and overcome NIMBYism? What about employee policies associated with the use of social media? What do you do?

This webinar will focus on using social media to communicate with residents and the community at large as a tool for neighborhood development and transformation. Our panel will also discuss factors to be considered when creating employee policies relating to the use of social media, as well as the application of a variety of existing laws.


  • Establishing rules of participation and determining when it is appropriate to review comments prior to posting
  • Engaging third-party moderators and providing them with guidelines
  • Ensuring protection from liability by complying with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the Communications Decency Act, and defamation laws
  • Understanding unique marketing concerns that apply when using social media, including using comments and reviews for marketing purposes
  • Securing rights to posted content so that it can be used for other purposes
  • Devising a checklist to follow in implementing the use of social media channels


12:30 PM – 1:30 PM ET | Webinar


Amy M. McClain, Partner
Housing Group

Monique Y. DeLapenha, Partner
Housing Group

Mercedes Kelley Tunstall, Of Counsel
Privacy and Data Security Group

Denise M. Keyser, Partner
Labor and Employment Group

For more information, contact Shellee Buchanan at [email protected].