Bankside Barrister Jeremy Johnson Appointed to International Arbitration Board

Bankside Barrister Jeremy Johnson Appointed to International Arbitration Board

Jeremy Johnson has further elevated his dispute resolution credentials with an appointment as a member of the Advisory Board of the prestigious International Trust Arbitration Organisation (ITAO), which facilitates alternative dispute resolution within Commonwealth jurisdictions.

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The ITAO Council comprises top experts in common law trust arbitration, and enjoys widespread recognition for both its research capabilities and its role as an alternative dispute resolution authority.

The Advisory Board’s primary focus lies in exploring mechanisms for alternative dispute resolution in international fiduciary disputes pertaining to common law trusts.

Jeremy Johnson, who joins a roster of global experts from Liechtenstein, Canada, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand, among others.

Established in Liechtenstein in 1989, it boasts a flexible governance structure that allows it to operate across all common law jurisdictions, adapting to the specific requirements of each dispute.

In his role on the Advisory Board, Johnson will collaborate with fellow board members to assist the Director-General in resolving common law trust disputes and furthering the ITAO’s mission as a leading research institution.

 He is a member of Bankside Chambers in Singapore, and he is registered with the Singapore International Commercial Court. He was also the youngest person to become a Fellow of the Arbitrators’ and Mediators’ Institute of New Zealand.

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