Better Law Firm Design Means Better Law Firm Marketing

law firm design and law firm marketing

How should law firms be interacting with clients properly?  Among the trends towards better law firm marketing and interaction and lawyers who are setting up cafes, movable walls and more glass, according to the latest in law firm design trends.

A global architecture and design firm expert, Bert Oliva, principal at Gensler, has a division devoted to professional services like law firms and works with major law practices like Adams & Reese, DLA Piper and others.


“A lot of the trends we’re seeing is related to the way attorneys work,” Oliva said. “They’re studying the need for more flexability in their work environment. Some firms are looking at expanding with glass front offices,” he told BizWorld.


When law firms are locked into 10-year and longer leases, there is a need to change as their business structure changes. Firms are using movable walls and flexible floor plans so offices can be re-arranged over time, he said. Such flexibility produces savings on real estate costs.


Technology is also dictating trends because large office spaces once used for libraries with shelves loaded with statute books are no longer necessary since online resources for such information are available.


Cafes in conjunction with libraries, conference rooms or lounge areas where lawyers can meet with each other and clients and use mobile technology to work are becoming more popular.


“It gives them multiple ways of interacting,” Oliva said. “Food is an easy way to bring people together.”

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