A New Dimension To The Barges

The bateau paris, Paris rental barges and the rental house boats in Paris have given a new shape to the boating business. Meanwhile, when the Paris is shimmering with rental barges and rental houseboats, there are certain score of people who are making these floating homes as their permanent residence. Apartment from the recreational and investment opportunities that these Paris boats, rental Paris barges and rental houseboats in Paris provide, there are people who got so amused and impressed by them that they decide to spend their entire living on these floating crafts. Many of the retired people opt to spend their rest of their lives in solitude on a boat and they term this solitude as the greatest part of their lives.

But despite the heavy endorsement of the boats as residences, there is much antagonism among different communities in Paris regarding these living boats. Apart from France, many of the cities and states have banned or restricted the operations of such type of living boats, barges and houseboats.

The environment protection organizations are against these boats as they consider them a threat to the water life. Some organizations have termed these living barges and boats as ”waterborne structures intended as permanent or seasonal dwellings, not for use as recreational vessels, which will remain stationary for more than 30 consecutive days.”

The issue of the non payment of taxes and the non availability of the civic facilities has put a question mark on the living conditions of these boats. People can question that why these boats are not to pay any taxes, particularly if they are to be allowed facilities such as police and fire protection.

The percentage rate of the living boats has been increasing with an average increase of 5% per year. This climbing rate also poses a threat to the business of the rental boats, rental barges, and the rental houseboats in Paris and also to the wild life and the marine life. The issue of the houseboats clogging the coastal lines also prohibited their use.

Nonetheless, many people are still determined to spend their living in the living boats, barges and houseboats. People complain that the price of waterfront property has almost doubled in recent years; so the recreational housing has become almost impossible to find. As a result they are finding these houseboats as their source of recreation.

The cost of the house boats may reach up to 2500 dollars per year apart from the other costs. Measures that are taken for keeping the boats warm in winters cost extra. But people term these boats a liberation from the tyranny of the urban world as they feel relieved that there are no taxes to pay, no grass to cut and not extra services to handle with. Although many people avoid these homes in winters as they are not much comfortable living in. But the other luxuries that can be made available on these boats such as perfect lounges, air conditioning, cocktail bars, swimming pools make them worth living. On top of all the calmness, solitude, tranquility and the peace of mind that these living boats provide make them the emerging new resident spaces in the years ahead. yachts paris.

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