APlusA.org.uk SciFi Story Contest! Writers And Customers Win From Creative Boost.

“And now for something completely different”: this beloved tag line from Monty Python neatly summarizes APlusA.org.uk’s approach. When the ‘high season’ peaks, we work harder to prevent our writers’ burning out. A short story contest (genre; science fiction, theme; utopia), is the current “something different”. Winners get vacation days and bonuses, while APlusA.org.uk customers get the advantage of our writers’ stretching their skills.

We are acutely conscious of the challenge for academic writers to generate insightful and novel content all the time. Especially during intense workflow, our professional writing staff just does not get a rest break intellectually. To compensate, we try to build variety into the high season. Utopias are a favorite theme of speculative fiction, and everyone is equally inexperienced, so it’s a fair challenge, The contest will be judged in several categories (e.g., human/alien, our future/alternative timeline, dystopia/utopia), by some of our APlusA.org.uk staff passionate about this genre. Those who win will take an extra day off after the rush, and find their pay envelope augmented. The rest will find their writing improved by the exercise, and our clients will see the results.

At APlusA.org.uk, we take the creative potential of our writers seriously. After all, what we sell is their brainpower! We’ve taken many steps over the years to keep the job fresh and new. You can read about these innovations, and all our services, at http://aplusa.org.uk.

About Us:

Our professional writers and editors are a tight-knit team, mobilizing to help a student or businessperson through any writing crisis. The variety of backgrounds we draw from gives us the edge with all kinds of projects. APlusA.org.uk customers see the difference our attention to writer quality makes.

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