Arthur Taylor Strikes Again: As Meredith Connell Defend Action Against Corrections

Arthur Taylor’s legal career has perhaps overshadowed his illegal career that saw him guesting with the Corrections Department for around 40 years including a dozen successful escapes, including two in Australia, and a growing list of often successful court appearances.

But now, with the publication of his book, ‘Prison Break: The Extraordinary Life and Crimes of New Zealand’s Most Infamous Escapee’ has seen his old landlords seeking an injunction to prevent release of the book, resulting in Taylor seeking a precautionary application seeking clarification from the court in a hearing in Wellington, with Taylor being heard from his Dunedin home.

Arthur Taylor Strikes Again: As Meredith Connell Defend Action Against Corrections 3

Worried Corrections might apply for a last-minute injunction against its release, Taylor said he made a precautionary application, asking for clarification from the court, which was urgently heard this week.

Writing in The Daily Blog, Taylor says “The Crown claims it undermines “prison security”. I say that’s absurd and you’re simply trying to suppress information that paints you in a very bad light.

“The politburo at Corrections Head Office is behind this and have hired one of the Capital’s top law firms (Now why they don’t trust Crown Law to handle the matter is beyond me as they normally represent Government Department’s)……

“And on the Crown’s representation, by Meredith Connell, he noted “The law firm that Corrections is spending big bucks (yours) on to fight me in court. Maybe the Attorney-General should look into why Crown Law is not representing them as is the case with other government departments…and was the case with me until they lost almost all cases brought against me?

His final note, dated June 11, celebrates his win –

Hot off the press, take that Corrections…can’t forget to thank High Court Judge Johnson…who showed Corrections he hasn’t got “STUPID” tattooed on his forehead…they acted as though he did, with their ridiculous was insulting..”

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