Barrister Struck Off Roll For $1.3 Million In Unpaid Tax

Former NSW barrister William Roy Davison, has been struck off the roll of legal practitioners for failing to meet $1.3 million in tax obligations between 1989 and 2005, Lawyers Weekly reports.

The NSW Court of Appeal dismissed Davidson’s challenge to an Administrative Decisions Tribunal decision ordering his name be removed from the roll.

Davison had argued that his failure to meet his tax obligations was attributable to both his failed investments and to family problems, including marriage difficulties and the death of his son.

But the Bar Council argues that during the 16-year period, Davison, who was declared bankrupt on three occasions, was able to pay in full the tax owed by him and to continue to live a reasonably comfortable life.

The council argued that Davison chose to spend his money on an extravagant lifestyle and pay various sums of money to family members.

The Court rejected Davison’s grounds of appeal including a claim that the tribunal had failed to take into account the difficulties he was experiencing in his personal life which made him less culpable for not paying tax.

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