The Blurred Lines Legal Precedent

The Blurred Lines Legal Precedent 2

Music-copying has been a rich source of legal work for many years, but the $7.4 million awarded to Marvin Gaye’s children over the Blurred Lines hit has also been a legal precedent hit.

The jury made the award as Gaye’s daughter Nona wept and the family lawyer Nashville-based Richard Busch subsequently announced could have a chilling effect on any musician copying the music or the sound of someone else’s music.

RichardBuschMr Busch has represented Eminem’s music interests through his Eight Mile Style company, including successful copyright actions against Apple, Univeral and others in respect of, among other thinigs, whether Eminem’s music should be available for digital download on iTunes.

He has also written a Forbes article on Superman’s Copyright, which you can read here.

The verdict was a major setback for Pharrell Williams who has been a reliable hit-maker who has won Grammy Awards and appears on NBC’s music competition show The Voice.  B oth Williams and Robin Thicke released a statement saying the legal decision would be a major setback for music and creativity.

It was previously revealed that the song had made a huge $16million for Pharrell, Thicke, rapper T.I. and the record company, though T.I. and various record and music companies had previously been cleared of copyright infringement charges.

The jury decided that the family should receive $4million in damages and $3.4 million in profits from the song, with Thicke forced to pay $1.7million from his own pocket and Pharrell $1.6million.

Souce: LawFuel and The Daily Mail

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The Blurred Lines Legal Precedent 3
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