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Bob Jones On Why We’re Headed For A Needless Depression And How We Permitted A Young Woman With Charm to Obtain Dictatorial Powers

Sir Robert Jones’ latest blog post castigates the Prime Minister for the needless lockdown with “depression, suicides, family violence and despair” lying ahead.

“For by the time the virus reached our shores we knew from the evidence elsewhere who it killed and why. Instead, the government acted as if it could kill us all, in the process damaging the economy and pushing us into at the least, a five year depression.

“The goal should have been to get people back to work, publicise the spacing and insist on face masks.

“More people would have copped the virus but in the vast majority of cases, as the evidence abroad shows, been back on deck in a week.”

Need for Legislation

While the lockdown was legal, Sir Robert notes the recent failure of the application for a write of habeas corpus but saying legislation should prevent the wholesale lockdowns such as we have experienced occurring again.

“We must never again allow a situation where the law allows a young woman with much charm and little real world experience, to legally take such dictatorial powers.

“The current legislation needs to be reconsidered in Parliament. While it’s conceivable situations could arise in the future requiring such a heavy-handed approach, the supporting legislation should require say a 75% Parliamentary vote.

“Had that existed there would have been sufficient pragmatists in the Opposition plus NZ First that would have prevented the disaster we have lying ahead.”

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