CHICAGO, March 3, 2003 – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network – Carmella C…

CHICAGO, March 3, 2003 – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network – Carmella C. (not her real name), a struggling single mother of six, keeps her family safe and secure against all odds in a cramped two bedroom apartment.

They reside on the mean streets of a major Midwestern city.

The meager earnings from her job as a security guard are stretched to make sure her children, ranging from ages six to fifteen, have all the basic necessities to build a modestly successful life together.

Three years ago, their lives were torn apart in the dead of night by an unexpected pounding on their apartment door.
Disoriented, and fearing the worst, Carmella gambled by cracking open the door. In rushed a blue tsunami, in the form of nineteen stampeding uniformed police officers.
Looking for illegal drugs from a tip, they tore through her apartment, ripped open drawers and trampled a lifetime of precious memorabilia, all in the blink of an eye.

Awakened from their beds, the children were herded into a corner of the war zone that was their living room just moments earlier. A small army of male police officers surrounded Carmella and forced her to strip naked; she suffered the ultimate humiliation in front of them and her children. Always taught to respect uniformed authorities, Carmella’s children, in just a few traumatizing minutes, learned through the proof of their own eyes to believe the exact opposite.

They found no drugs whatsoever. It was all a mistake. We got the address wrong, they said. Carmella said something, too: I’ll see you in court.

Now she faced the daunting task of putting her life back together again. On a security guard’s wages, that could be next to impossible. She would need to exhaust her small savings, and borrow heavily, with no traditional equity against which to borrow. Her only hope: a potential settlement from the future proceeds of her lawsuit against the police and the city.

Beacon Legal Finance, a plaintiff funding company, helped Carmella by advancing her money as she awaits her potential settlement. Using this advance, Carmella can pay for transportation to and from her new place of employment as she begins to pull her life back together.

Beacon advances money to people who need cash instantly
because of their deteriorated financial condition, yet absolutely must continue to pursue their lawsuit to become financially whole again. A typical Beacon client might be a victim of an auto or workplace accident, needing immediate cash to pay for day to day living expenses. Due to injury and/or disability, the client cannot work. Their attorneys are ethically barred from helping them financially. Banks can’t help because they lend against assets, not lawsuits.
As a result, people similar to Carmella turn to Beacon Legal Finance to help solve their financial troubles. Best of all, if the client does not win their case and/or the case does not settle, Beacon receives nothing in return.

Applications and more information for Beacon funding may be found at ; e-mail [email protected] , or call toll-free 1-888-7BEACON.

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