COPENHAGEN, Denmark, November 20 /PRNewswire/ — IFPI (The …

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, November 20 /PRNewswire/ — IFPI (The
International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) recently announced
8,000 cases in 17 countries against illegal file-sharing. Many of those
receiving a legal action could be parents whose children have been
illegally file-sharing. It is a wide-ranging problem, says the IT-security company Softdetect Systems, but also stresses that it is often a result of down loaders who don’t fully understand what legal consequences their activities can have. The company has therefore released a new, free anti-piracy program that will help parents and private offenders delete illegal content on their home computers.

If your child is one of those who illegally download music, you might
want to pay more attention to files saved on your computer in the
future. A tough stance has been taken and soon you could be forced to pay
considerable compensation claims for illegal downloading or file-sharing,
even if the activities have been committed by your child. IFPI recently
announced more than 8,000 cases in 17 countries and many of those on the
receiving end of legal action are parents whose youngsters have been
illegally file-sharing.

As a consequence of the many illegal activities in private homes the
IT- security company Softdetect Systems has just released a new, free
anti-piracy program targeted at private offenders. The program will help
individuals identifying and deleting illegal content on their home computer and Softdetect Systems has received many requests: “We are being contacted by a lot of worried parents, who are unsure what content their children might have downloaded to the home computer and parents, who want to make sure that they are not hosting any illegal activities. Apparently there is a great demand for a tool that can help these families clean out their computer,” says Michael Eggert, Managing Director of Softdetect Systems.

Softdetect Systems normally offer corporate security solutions, but due
to the increasing demand from the private market, the company has decided
to give a lending hand to those, who unintentionally have ended up in
unfavorable situation. Michael Eggert explains: “I am convinced that a
large percentage of illegal downloading committed by youngsters and
children happen because they don’t really understand what consequences
their activities can have, and because their parents are often unaware of
what their children are up to. That is why we have launched this free
version of our anti-piracy program.”

The tool is available for everyone, who wish to scan their computer for
unwanted and illegal content and Softdetect Systems anticipates a strong
international demand: “The anti-piracy program is presently available for
English-speaking users only, but will very soon be released in a number of other languages. We have experienced a positive demand in Scandinavia and expect the same trend in other countries. After all, most families would want to make sure that they are not storing illegal content on their home computer if it could result in a legal action and compensation claims,” concludes Michael Eggert.

The program can be downloaded for free from Softdetect Systems’ website


Softdetect Systems
Softdetect Systems is an IT-security company committed to providing
simple and value-adding solutions for License Management, Anti-Piracy
Activities and Network Filtering. The company has its main focus on
business solutions for small and medium-sized companies on the
international market.
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– Download a free version of the anti-piracy program for private use:
For further information: Managing Director Michael Eggert, Softdetect
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